I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


30. Helping them

Harrys P.O.V

Preeti went shopping with Danielle. I went out with Zayn. "Zayn..i need your help.." i started "yea for what" he said "i dont know what i shoud buy Preeti for Valentines Day.." "well..umm We both know how much she loves surprises so surprise her.." "hmm i dont know.." "or buy her that what she always wanted..what she admires or so" Then it hit me. I stopped walking down the street and streched my arm out so Zayn stopped also "yes..thank you Zayn and now lets go to the 'AJ's Jewellers" Yes..AJ's Jewellers, thats how the Shop is called where the Bracelet was. "AJ Je-why?" Zayn asked confused "Preeti is obsessed with this Barcelet..so i'm going to buy it for her" "ah i remember she talked about it on the Phone" I just nodded

"Preeti & Harry right?" The women asked "Yes" "it will take 20 minutes just wait here" she said.

Zayns P.O.V

We were waiting and i got a message from Preeti.
'From Preeti<33: ZAAAAYN! BROOOO! i need your help :D'
'To Preeti<33: Let me guess.. you need my help to find a present for harry..for valentines day? huh? :D
'From Preeti<33: Omg yes ! could you help me ? :( how do you know :o and what have you bought for perrie ;-)'
'To Preeti<33: i know you preeti i knooow you! of course i will! what about a picture-collage of you both..a tall collage ! he'll love it..and i booked some 2 tickets for Mauritius for perrie and i'
'From Preeti<33 Thank you so much Zayn..uuh! have fun!'

"Who is it?" Harry asked "oh umm Preet-Perrie!!" i couldnt tell him that it was Preeti. "oh" I just smiled and nodded.
"Its finished..Mr.Styles?" "yes..Thank you so much". We payed and went to Harry's "oh um would you mind if Perrie comes too?" i asked "no not at all" He smiled. Some minutes later we reached the House and Perrie was already there. Harry and I started playing soccer/football in his garden. Perrie stayed in the House
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