I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


24. Forgive me?

Harrys P.O.V

She wasnt crying anymore so i thought i could talk to her"Preeti please tal-" i started but she interrupted me " no harry..its enough you've gone too far with that." she half yelled. I got angry "WOULD YOU LET ME FINISH" i shouted. She stepped back with a shocked face. "i-i'm sorry i didnt meant to shout" i was going to hug her but she refused. "Look..listen to me please i want to explain everything" she didnt bother to reply so i started to talk "Preeti..i- to be honest i still had feelings for Taylor and then i called her[.....]then she forced me to go to bed with her a didnt wanted to but honestly..i-i liked...it ...then you came and you yelled at me then you were gone and these minutes were my worst minutes i ever had then i realized that i love you more than anything on this world since taylor had ...sex with me i hated her..i really hate her now she called you a whore then i slapped her and after that she run away but please forgive me i cant live without you please preet-" "its hard harry.." she interrupted "..its hard..give me time to think about it" she said. " I'm sorry" inreplied whilst crying. i sobbed looking down to my feet "P-ple-ase forg-give me" she came up to me with a worried face she came closer and put her hands on my face she was standing on her toes. "H-Harry stop crying" she said worried. I looked up with a smile on my face. She quickly put her hands down "..i-i uumm give me time" she said shyly. She wanted to go away i quickly held her wrist, stopping her. I pulled her to me and grabbed her waist and pulled her closer so our bodies touched i looked her into the eyes and looked to her lips then to her eyes then to her lips then to her eyes. i bit my lip and layed my hands on her cheeks. I lent in and kissed her, without any move because i knew she wouldnt kiss back. I pulled away. And she ran out of the room.
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