I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


7. Club

Zayns P.O.V

How could perrie do that?? i hope preeti is not taking it too serious. **Next Day**
We decided to give our girlfriends a free day..for shopping or other girly stuff. So the boys and i clould rehearsal for our concert wich is in 3 days. "Zayn?" Harry said "yea mate?" "what happend with perrie and preeti..?" "well uumm perrie said that preeti should stay away from me but preeti refused because we are best frien- like bro and sis you know" "oh i hope everythings fine" "yea itsbxleared now" It was 8 in the evening. The girls were back too. "should we go to the club?" all cheered except preeti, she groaned. "what? we all asked" "i dont go to clubs and i hate them and i have never been there..ugh" "c'mon please. you can just sit somewhere okay?" eleanor said. "mmh okay" "leeets gooooo" niall shouted.

Preetis P.O.V

Ugh..Clubs. As we reached the club i sat next to harry who was drinking. "harry dont drink to much please" "ahan". i was worried. And then a blonde girl smiled at harry he smiled back. Then she came to him and took his hand. "havent seen for a while huh?" "yes, wanna dance taylor?" who is that "Harry stay with me here" i said. but he just danced with her. I was so jealous. I walked over to zayn who was sitting with perrie. I started questioning "Zayn who is this Taylor chick? Harry is dancing with her..do they know each other? tell me everything" he stood up and i showed him taylor and harry. "oh man this is his ex" "his what?!?!?" i half yelled. "his ex girlfriend". Oh man. am j seeing it right? . He's kissing her i mean she kissed him and he kissed back. A tear rolled down my cheek. my jaw dropped. and i was speechless. Zayn saw me and hugged me and kissed my forhead. I cried even harder. The Boys, El dani and Perrie came running to us. Louis tried to pull harry and taylor away but harry kicked him in the balls and continuned kissing. how could he. I just ran out. Zayn ran after me wih shouting my name "PREETI!! PREETI STOP" i refused. i ran to the hotel we were staying at. "PREETI JUST STOP" i heard eleanor. after that i heard niall liam danielle and perrie."WHAT?! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME." i shouted. i didnt saw louis. louis was still at the club trying to stop harry...i guess. I just ran and ran until Zayn caught me. i was crying into his chest this time even harder. "ssssh sssh sssh calm down" he said. "how could he"
" i sobbed. "sssh come on lets go to the hotel" everyone came. As we reached the boys' room. i sat down.

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