I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


11. Challenge

I called Harry then he picked me up. As we reached the Hotel Harry took my hand, our fingers wereintwined. "You know we have a concert tomorrow so i wont be able to see or kiss you bu-" "Oh noo OMG i cant see you all day oh noooo the end of the world is clooooose" i said while walking into the boys' room. "what is clooooose?" louis asked "the and of the world" i replied "what the ? why?" niall asked. "you guys have a concert tomorrow and i wont be able to see you and i cant even see harrys face or kiss him o-" i got interruptet by liam "ugh man you can come with us" "i cant nancy is coming over i promised her " "nancy?" zayn asked " "i attended this marriage today..she was th-" "thats why you are dressed like that" zayn interrupted "hey we wont be able to see us we could kiss and talk as much as we can so w-" "good idea" i said kissing and interrupting him. "ugh you guys are disgusting" louis said. "i bet you cant stand without kissing each other for a day" niall laughed." i bet harry cant stand without kissing a day" i said breaking the kiss "are you challeging me baby ?" he said grabbing my waist and pulling me closer. "maybe"i winked and he kissed me after pulling away i said "if you will kiss me tomorrow you have to uuuumm to go on the top of the building and yell as loud as you can ' i love preeti ' okay?" "anything for you love and if i win ...eer with not kissing you then you have to organize a date eer uum an unforgetable date WITHOUT any help." "uumm okay...challenge accepted" i said and he kissed me one more time
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