I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


1. Airport

Preetis P.O.V

"Byee" i said one last time to my Family. I checked in and ate something. Now i was waiting at the Gate. There were no seats available anymore, all were taken. There was just one seat
I sat down. A boy at the right of me stared at me, i guess. Then 3 boys entered the gate everyone ran away except I and the Curly Haired boy beside me. Those 3 boys were dressed fully black. I was a bit frightened because they were coming towards me. and then they stood in front of me "Hey girl" one of them said. i didnt looked up. "I'm jake this is drake and this is mark" i looked up and then down. I wanted to go away so i stood up. But one of the boys stopped me whilst he hbrabbed my arm "d-dont t- touch me" "oh i will" he winked and pulled me closer and grabbed my waist so i couldnt escape. "p-please let m-me go" i cried. "Kiss me" he said. "NO!" i protested. "let me go you're hurting me" "you heard her, let her go o-" the curly haired said from the behind. "and who are you" the boy,who was holding me, said interrupting him. "i'm ha-" "her boyfriend" i said fast. "m-my boyfriend" he let me go and i ran to the curly haired with hugging him. "ooho wait i also could say that you're my girlfriend, duh, you're lying" he said. "No i'm not h-" "she IS my girlfriend" the cute curly haired said. "Prove it" the 'bad boy' said. what should we prove? . no. no .no no. "N-" i got interrupted by the curly haired. "sure" he said smirking and then he pressed his lips onto mine. damn he kissed so good. firstbi didnt kissed back because i was shocked but then i did. i kissed back. wow. it was a long kiss . he licked my bottom lip. what is he doing . oh . i opened my mouth a bit and he slid his tongue in my mouth. our tongues were fighting. but then i heard the public coming in. it means those boys are gone. yes. so i can pull away. no. no. never. i'm actually enjoyning it. "Flight 321 is ready for boarding" a women anounced. we both pulled away.
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