I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


15. Accident

We reached the studio. "Zzzzzzzayn" i giggled "P..no Peeee no P noo wair Prrrrrrrrreeti" he replied. "hihi" i laughed. "you are so weird." "i know...thats me" i said. "Preeeti" Harry yelled and hugged me. "..only..a...hug?" "impress me..?" "heeyyy" "just joking" he giggled and kissed me. "Preeti? hace you bought some foo- OUCH" Louis slapped him on the back of his head "dont think about food every second..if you want to think about something then think about carrots..." louis said. "i thought you dont like carrots anymore?" liam asked. "I LOVE THEM NOW GET OVER IT" louis shouted jokingly. They danced played jumped around like idiots. "wow zayn you cut your hair.." niall wondered "and beard" i added. all laughed. Harry came to me. "well harry! thats what you call 'rehearsing'?" i asked "yep a kind of" he answered. Oh i forgot..i. am. married. to. harry. anyways. We went shopping. And zayn wanted to.go to smoke on "ZAYN I'M WARNING YOU?" i yelled from.behind. he was crossing th street then he turned around and shouted "THATS MY FI-" oh shit . NO NO NO . He was run over by a car. "ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYN" i screamed. And run over to him . the boys turned around as they heard me screaming. "Zayn omg Zaayn" Niall yelled "Zayn come on open your eyes" liam said worried. "Zayn do you hear us.. louis call the ambulance" harry said. "Zayn..zayn please open your eyes za- oh n-no b-blood shit it was o-only my fault. o-o-only mine" i cried. 5 minutes later the Ambulance came.
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