I cant live without you

Its about an girl named preeti she was 19 when she met harry from one direction
Just read the story :$ :D


32. 9th Month

Preetis P.O.V

I'm in the 9th Month now. I'm so excited..as much as the Boys are. I woke up and realized Harry wasnt there. I stood up looked into the mirror. I look Horrible. Messy Hair and more. I didnt care and just walked down. The boys were sitting on the Table
"what are you doing here?" i asked. "Yes, Good Morning, nice to see you too and we are fine i hope you are fine also.." Louis said jokingly. "sorry haha Good Morning Boys" i said walking towards them. "wow you look ho-" Niall started "dont say that i know what you mean" i laughed "oooooooooorible" he finished. I pinched him "ow! that hurt" "hmm". "what do you want for breakfast..? Bread with an omelette?" Zayn asked "or cereal?" louis asked "Bread with stawberry-jam?" liam asked "or just fruit?" niall asked. "he..umm wow..since when are you guys soo..i dunno..but thanks.." i was about to get the cereals but then "NO!" harry shouted "why?" we all asked in the same time. "she has to taste something" he said. He gave me a quick kiss. "now you can have cereals" He said. We all laughed. I laughed too but it turned into a cough. Everyone stopped laughing and looked at me. I started coughing because i had a weird feeling in my stomach. "you alright?" liam asked. "mmmh i-i have a weird feeling..i-i think the w-water j-just broke" i exclaimed. "WE ARE GOING TO BE UNCLES" the boys yelled. And started dancing, except Harry he slapped all of them for fun and said "lets.go.to.the. H-O-S-P-I-T-A-L." Harry said. "What is Ocpal" niall asked "You fool!" louis joked. "c'mon lets go to the hospital" We all ran out.

Louis P.O.V

"Mr.Styles? Mr.Malik? Mr.Horan? Mr.Payne? Mr. Tomlinson? umm come in" The nurse said. Why did she call all of us? "Who's the father?" she asked. We all pointed at Harry. Who was pretty excited. "Well..umm..Congrats..its a boy as you know and umm Preeti needs some Bed-Rest she's a bit weak..but no worries everything's fine from head to feet" "thank you"she smiled. We shook hands and walked out. We went into the other room and saw Preeti holding the baby boy in her hands. We all ran to them and gave Preeti hugs except Harry he kissed her..obviously. "Sooooo cute'' Niall said. "Yea hes too cute..he..uumm doesnt looks like Harry or Preeti" Liam said. "Yea..But his eyes are green like Harrys" i said. "He..he looks like..umm.." Zayn tried to find out. "Zayn or Zayns cousin" Harry finished. Zayn smirked proudly. "yea, kind of" Niall said "but how could it happen? i mean you arent real brother and sister or something.." i said. "thats really weird..but anyways guys we better wait we'll see when he grows up" Preeti said. We all nodded "Hwat should be his name?" Liam asked "AARYAN" Zayn yelled with one hand in the air. "How ca-"Zayn interrupted Harry. "Well..i thought about it when we knew its a boy..i thought Aaryan is a nice name soo" Zayn said. "We are going to be a happy Family" We all said.


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