Always alone

Im just a stupid girl like they say. No life, no real friends and always alone. My best friend is the blade. The girl wich always get used, always hurt and always believing In love wiccch always hurts. This is her true story and feelings like this is her diary. It will end like the girl who write this wish to do with her life.


1. Alone like always

You know the feeling When you just feel alone even if its just for ten seconds? I have it like this every day even if Im surounded with My 8 friends, Im like alone for ever and always. I feel like Im wierd even with My closest friends. I can walk down the corridoor and everybody starts to talk about me, why I never smile or the scars they have Seen on My body. And When Im with My friends My "bestfriend" is all like "gawd get new clothes, i mean how old is that t-shirt? And ripped old jeans? I mean so not cool. And Guns N' Roses so old and gawd you shuld fix your nose"

And When I get home I go down on My room crying. Finding My blade and cut a litt le cut the wrist. Im so tierd og everybody! the only one who know who I really am Is me. There is always trace of tears.


And then My boyfriend "can we pretend that we have broke up for a while?" 

Just so sick of people and headace is coming.

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