The Night Everything Changed!<3

just a normal walk in the park... who knew that is what could change your life for ever!! Sophie-Mae and Emily meet the boys of there dreams.. meeting the boys of one direction is one thing but getting with two of them is a whole other experience... which boys will they fall for or will they fall for them before...


13. Will you be mine?


Louis p.o.v


I love Emily, the more I see her the more i fall in love she is so pretty, i have to stop my self from kissing her just by looking at her the urge is so hard to fight against! i thought the double date was good and all really sweet but tonight me and Emily are going on a walk/date that she doesn't even know about..i just hope she like it, no food, no drink, no shelter nothing like that, just me her and the sunset! i could come home a very happy lad tonight.


Emily's p.o.v


i was falling for Louis and fast. he was an amazing person so own to earth yet so random at the same time just like me! 

we were currently all sprawled out on the couch and i was in some sweats and a vest top... we were watching Toy Story, Liam was obsessed and loves the film so we had to say yes. Louis went to the kitchen sending me a text indicating to go to the kitchen.

"I'm really thirsty ima go get a drink any one else want one?" no one else answered they were to interested in the movie.

i walked into the kitchen. "Whats up Louis?" i said in a chilled kind of way

"do you want to go for a walk?" Louis said. i thought about it "sure why not" i sang happily

"great you wanna change into something warmer?" i nodded and ran upstairs. slipping on my patterned leggings, i grabbed my purplish  red vest and put a grey jumper with purple patters on. i quickly brushed my hair before putting it into two small plait's.. i plopped my hat on my head and ran downstairs. "ready?" Louis smiled at me, i nodded and grabbed my brown ugg's putting them on...


we walked and walked until we came to a cliff edge. there was a big leafy tree right above our heads and the branches were surrounding us with leafs it looked quite cute if you asked me. I looked out at the beautiful scenery. it was gorgeous.

 "Emily?" Louis voice echoed lightly.

"yes Louis" i asked calmly this really was cute. He turned me towards him holding both my hand in his. he held his face close to mine and i could feel his breath on my cheek... 

"I love you" Louis breathed. i was a little bit in shock 
"I l-love you t-to" i stuttered i was really nervous. i could see Louis leaning in and soon i found myself doing the same, he closed the gap kissing me sweetly it lasted a couple of seconds before we both pulled away. 

"Sorry" Louis said letting go of me and stepping back scratching his neck. i found that incredibly cute!

"i-its fine, i k-kinda liked it!" i said blushing with my head down. i would sneak glances at him and our eyes would lock together. Louis hugged me and kissed the top of my head. 

"I love you Emily and from the day of the concert that i set eyes on you i fell in love instantly and i was wondering if ermm you would like to be my gurl... " Louis asked a little nervous as to what i was to say. but i admit it i fell for this boy bad and the fact that he had actually fell for me to was the best feeling i have ever experienced! this could be my last chance of ever getting the cute relationship i want, but i wasn't sure i had been hurt to many times to just let people play me. i decided Louis would never do that and my answer was...

"YES,YES,YES" i was pretty hyped up and was amazed as to my reaction haha.

"I love you Emily!!" Louis stated pulling me in for a warm hug" 

"No Louis, i love you" i said making him laugh. h we hugged for a while just keeping each other company and warmth. He grabbed my hand and we walked back to the house, half way there it began to get really cold and it was late so very dark. i think by now i was shivering quite badly!!!

"you alright love" Louis asked concern filling his voice. i nodded "just a lil cold that's all!" i replied my teeth chattering as i spoke. Louis took of his zip up jumper giving it to me.

"Louis i cant take your jumper you'll be really cold!" i said astonished. "i insist you take it Emily, i cant let my beautiful gurl get cold now can i!!" Louis sang handing me his jacket.

i took it, "if you get cold Tomlinson then you will ask for it back OK!" he nodded and i put the jacket on, he stopped me zipping it up "now you will be nice and warm" he said i giggled and he grabbed my hand again. we reached the house and walked in.


"you guys have been ages what have you been doing, we were worried sick" Liam said being the daddy of the group!
"yeah we thought some murderer had took you and killed you both." Zayn replied trying to act cool! which wasn't working

"And Emily why are you wearing Louis coat?" Niall asked looking at us with a smirk on his face

"well we went for a walk and we stopped at the cliff edge where the tree is to look out at see then we left and walked back and Emily got cold so i gave her my jacket!" Louis explained to the boys and Sophie-Mae. he looked down at me winking and smiling as if to say shhh don tell. 

Niall was looking at us then and i think he noticed the wink because he shouted "  Louis has a girlfriend and Emily has a boyfriend!" every one looked confused! "Don't you get it Louis and Emily are going out!!! its not hard to notice" Everyone looked at us smirking "HI" me and Louis said before smiling and running upstairs. we could hear everybody downstairs going "awww cute" and "i knew Louis liked Emily, i knew it" 

me and Louis laughed. we lay on the bed under the covers and that night i fell asleep in Louis arms.... PERFECT, just PERFECT.....

Authors note: 


hey guys we would like it if you commented what you think of the story so far thanks xx

Niall's~gurls xxx

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