The Night Everything Changed!<3

just a normal walk in the park... who knew that is what could change your life for ever!! Sophie-Mae and Emily meet the boys of there dreams.. meeting the boys of one direction is one thing but getting with two of them is a whole other experience... which boys will they fall for or will they fall for them before...


14. what to do???


Sophie-Mae's p.o.v 


wow Emily and Louis are finally together and so cute. I was making breakfast, pancakes of course! Everyone else are in bed. when me and em were younger we used to say that when we were older we would open a pancake shop and everybody would like them and we would make loads of money. it was so funny and when we had sleep overs we would always have pancakes that were really nice. i don't think that  fantasy came true though haha. i miss those days being young not having a care in the world or having a job.. i smiled to myself as i flipped the pancakes. i plugged my ipod into the doc and turned it up listening to trouble maker by Olly Murs. i hummed to the music making more and more pancakes. i felt to arms slip around my waist making me jump. to hand covered my eyes. "guess who?" a voice i knew well asked. i played along 
"I'm not to sure, It's niall right?" i said giggling. My eyes were free and no arms were around my waist. i turned around "oh it was Zayn!" i stated still playing along. "HEY you thought i was niall" Zayn said in a childlike voice. i looked at him smiling 

"i was joking!" i stated laughing more Zayn nodded and hugged me. "Good morning" i hugged him back letting go i asked him if he wanted any pancakes. he shook his head up and down nodding furiously. He sat down grabbing 2 pancakes and piling them with syrup and sugar, chocolate spread, lemon juice, sprinkles anything he could get his hands on. i laughed at his eagerness. Niall come racing down the stairs digging into the pancake's me and Zayn looked at him.

"what i smelt food" niall said innocently we laughed again.

"Zayn are you and the boys doing anything today?" i asked. Louis charged in shouting "NO! WHY?" i looked at him laughing "no reason just we are gunna be pretty bored today then..." By now everyone were downstairs and were eating my pancakes I had made! Louis and Emily jumped out of their chairs shouting movie marathon before realizing what they just did and bursting out laughing. They sat back down and everyone looked at each other before all jumping out of their seats screaming "i'll make the popcorn" and "i will choose a stack of movies!, scary?" everyone nodded at scary movies but Emily didn't look to sure.

"what's the matter love?" Louis asked worryingly as the whole room fell silent. she whispered into Louis ear exactly what i knew she would say and of course everyone heard because Emily being Emily wasn't very good at whispering. 

"Because i get scared of horror and paranormal movie's!" Louis looked at her and smiled, hugging her. we left the room but could hear what they were saying. 

"Don't worry i will look after you, and if you get scared then you can hide in my chest. OKAY!" Louis said feeling proud that he could look after his girlfriend. that day we watched movies all different Emily always hiding in Niall me doing the same to Zayn that's when we heard the news. News we were not expecting terrible news...... 




authors note: 


sorry its a little short but didnt have much time update later xx



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