The Night Everything Changed!<3

just a normal walk in the park... who knew that is what could change your life for ever!! Sophie-Mae and Emily meet the boys of there dreams.. meeting the boys of one direction is one thing but getting with two of them is a whole other experience... which boys will they fall for or will they fall for them before...


12. Waves crashing in...

Emily's p.o.v

"WE ARE HERE!!!!" Louis shouted as he lifted me out if the van. "Louis i want a piggy back!" i more stated then asked. i jumped on his back and he held my legs making sure i didn't fall. he started to run and i almost went flying, i managed to grip a hold around his neck before i could fall. we stopped and he plopped me down on the sand. the feeling of the sand in between my toes felt good and stretching my legs out after that pathetically long car ride here was amazing!  "Emily?" 

"yes Louis!" i answered scared at what he was going to ask.
do you and Sophie-Mae want to move into our holiday house we have? Zayn has already asked Sophie-mae and her mum said yes!"

OMG did the Louis Tomlinson of one direction ask me to live with him and one direction! "urmm...urmm yes! of cource i will ask my mum!" i texted my mum ans straight away she said yes. my mum never reallly bothered with me anymore she just let me do what i want when i want which isn't always that fun... she's to loved up with her new boyfriend that i hate . when my mum isnt in all he does is gob off, and he has hit me once or twice but i dare go tell my mum not like she would care anyway

"she said YES!!!" i squealed pretty excited, Louis hugged me excitedly "yay this will be amazing!!" he replied before letting go of his tight yet comforting grip...


the others came running down the dunes carrying all the stuff we had packed food, drink, towels, spare clothes...etc...
"heyy guys!" Liam chirped. how is Liam always so happy and smiley is it just his nature or has management told him to be like that? i'm going with it being his nature! before we could do anything we heard screams... "F-F-FANS!" niall said shakily. it was then i remembered he was claustrophobic. we grabbed niall and hid him behind a massive rock as well as ourselfs. Liam rang paul telling him what was happening and Paul sent for the beach to be rented out by us for the day. it worked and the girls left. we went back to our spot laying out the towels. me and Sophie-Mae took our shorts and top off leaving us in our bikinis. "we look cute!" Sophie-Mae said. we laughed but then Louis and Zayn both blurted out "you do!!" we blushed and sat down. 

"wanna go swimming?" Louis asked i nodded and he grabbed my hand pulling me up we ran to the ocean and as soon as my feet touched the water i backed away..."NO WAY" 

"whats up love?" louis questioned me

"its way too cold" i said 

louis came towards me oh god what is he doing, he picked me up bridal style before wadding into the water how is he not cold?

he held me close to the water some skimming my back as the waves rolled to the shore. "DONT YOU EVEN THIN-" before i could finish my sentence he threw me into the harsh choppy waves. coldness over took my body and when i surfaced again i could see Louis laughing uncontrollably. "it's NOT funny!" i stated my teeth chattering violently. "HAHA I-I-IT W-WAS KINDA F-F-FU-" Louis couldnt carry on with his sentence he was in stiches. you find this funny tomlinson just you watch. i walked up behind louis pushing him he fell right into the biggest wave so far and when he surfaced he wasnt laughing so much anymore. "your right that water is freezing!"

"Payback is so sweet tomlinson" i said laughing"

"lets call it a draw" louis said i agreed and he hugged me. he was surprisingly warm and the warmth of his body was radiating on to mine.

"your surprisingly warm seeing as you just go pushed into FREEZING cold water!" i said exasperating the freezing part.

 he smiled and let go of me. we went to join the others and found our selfs playing truths or dare. and i never got picked thank god. but neither did Louis haha.

it was getting late and we wanted to get home and freshen up shower, change clothes etc...

we hopeed into the car all in the same arrangements only Liams gurl left ages ago so Sophie-Mae had a seat... 

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