The Night Everything Changed!<3

just a normal walk in the park... who knew that is what could change your life for ever!! Sophie-Mae and Emily meet the boys of there dreams.. meeting the boys of one direction is one thing but getting with two of them is a whole other experience... which boys will they fall for or will they fall for them before...


5. Midnight walk...

Zayn's p.o.v

We had just finished the concert and that girl... Sophie-Mae is still in my head... I could tell Louis was thinking of that girl to Emily I think she was called any way we were all a bit tired out so we went for a walk... we were planning on coming to the park tomorrow to mess about a bit knowing we don't have to be careful cause everyone thinks were on tour tonight so wont be expecting it.. hopefully... Sophie-Mae was all I could think about she was so perfect with her curled wispy hair. 

Us five were strolling through the park round the wiggling path and I saw the flick of hair and I knew that second it was hers. Louis noticed I was staring into space and followed my eye line he then followed me into space we couldn't stop staring... we couldn't go over to them as are manager Paul told us not to make any contact we promised we decided if they were at the park tomorrow we would make a move.


Louis's p.o.v


"Emily, Emily, Emily!" was all that was going through my head I could just see her golden brown hair blowing in her face, she was standing on stage next to me and there was a slight breeze which caught her hair causing it to blow into her face.

this girl was amazing and i needed to get to know her more! I just hope she is at the park when we go tomorrow. Hazza has a girlfriend called Ellie but none of us like her so Hazza doesn't bring her to the house much any more  liam is single but doesn't care Niall is single and me and zayn are single but I have found my girl. by the looks of it so has zayn! Zayn could not keep his eyes off her you would turn around to look at him and all he would be doing is starring at her! I ended up daydreaming while singing and it felt like me and her were the only ones in the room and I was singing to her only her. her chocolate brown eyes were starring my way and i would sneakily glance back knowing she blushed every time I did. lets hope tomorrow brings us what we want...

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