The Night Everything Changed!<3

just a normal walk in the park... who knew that is what could change your life for ever!! Sophie-Mae and Emily meet the boys of there dreams.. meeting the boys of one direction is one thing but getting with two of them is a whole other experience... which boys will they fall for or will they fall for them before...


8. Don't stop the partaay!...

Zayn's p.o.v


They opened the door both looking beautiful we all looked at each other and smiled...

"Ready to go?" we asked.

"Yeah sure" they replied.

They ran upstairs to grab there handbags and we stood at the door waiting. Sophie-Mae's mum came out the kitchen and just stood and stair she couldn't believe it was actually them her mouth opened in the shape of an O. Me and Louis giggled.

"Lets go, hop in the back girls"

The girls sat in the back smiling like 5 year olds in a sweet shop. 

"We're here"

The girls stepped out the van and the wind caught them they did the smiles and instantly I fell in love with her all over again... as we entered I thought to myself I love her and need to make her mine but how? Just how? I went to get us some drinks as Emily and Louis walked of to dance... I came back into the room with the drinks and she caught my eye we danced for ages and talked the hole time I feel I can be myself now... I think she's the one for me...!


Louis's p.o.v


Emily was looking beautiful, she was wearing a black skater dress and it suited her figure really well. we reached our destination of the party and as soon as she steped out of the van wind hitting her slightly tanned face, her hair flew into her face causing her to laugh (ALOT)  i need to make this gurl mine but how!! when i asked her i would have to make it romantic, cute, anything just as long as she likes it... we walked in immediately hitting the dance floor. a slow song came on and the dj anounced it was a couples dance i asked her is dhe wanted to dance and she replied with  "yessss!!!" i watched as all the boys found someone to dance with. i gazed into Emily's eyes and she starred back. i went to lean in but stopped my self "stop it Louis your not even a couple!" the urdge to kiss her was horrid to fight off and i almost thought i was to weak to win but i just managed to! the song stopped and we headed over for drinks. "how old are you Emily?"  
"18 why?" she questioned 

"then you can drink what do you want" 
"anything." she smiled sweetly

i collected her drink passing it to her and we both took big gulps from out drink, thirsty we said to each other at the same time... the night was amazing but all i could focus on was emily and how i was to make her mine!!!

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