The Night Everything Changed!<3

just a normal walk in the park... who knew that is what could change your life for ever!! Sophie-Mae and Emily meet the boys of there dreams.. meeting the boys of one direction is one thing but getting with two of them is a whole other experience... which boys will they fall for or will they fall for them before...


9. Beach time!!!!!

Sophie-Mae p.o.v

I don't know what happened last night I cant remember a thing all I know is I'm home now... i had woken up to a really cute text and it said it was from Zayn! it read:
to Sophie-Mae<3

from: Zayn xox

morning babe, hope you had a nice sleep me and the boys took you and Emily home last night hope you dont mind. you and Emily were pretty drunk aha! me and the boys were wondering if you wanna come beach with us?

I replied with a "Yes" and thats when Emily phoned me 
"you going beach with the boys"
"yeah you " 


okay see you later then.."


I ended the phone call and went to get changed I wore my light green and white bikini and over that I wore high waisted shorts and a tank top tucked in slightly with my little cute flip flops. the boys arrived and we left.. what was today going to bring??? xx


Zayn's p.o.v

we went to pick Sophie-Mae and Emily was there to making it easy for us... boy did Sophie-Mae look cute her beautifully tanned legs were just the right shade of bronze her arms thin and looking amazing. i looked at Louis and he was looking at Emily in just as much awe as I was. because Harry took his horrible girlfriend Ellie and liam brung along some girl so there was no seats for Emily and Sophie-Mae. 

"You can sit on my lap" me and louis said at the same time while the girls giggled at our eagerness.
Emily sat on Louis lap and he looked really comfy. Sophie-Mae sat on my lap and she was so light and gorgeous!

you could probably hear my heart pounding with love from the other side of the world. At least I know what Louis feels like when he looks at Emily!! the whole ride to the beach was filled with Emily and Louis moaning about how long the drive was and wanting to if we were there yet... then liam screaming at them to shut up and they would fake cry. me Sophie-Mae tried to make convocation with Liam's mystery girl. we ended up having a full hearted chat. "WE ARE THERE!!!" louis and Emily shouted loudly running out of the van....



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