The Night Everything Changed!<3

just a normal walk in the park... who knew that is what could change your life for ever!! Sophie-Mae and Emily meet the boys of there dreams.. meeting the boys of one direction is one thing but getting with two of them is a whole other experience... which boys will they fall for or will they fall for them before...


7. an amazing walk home...

Emily's p.o.v


we went to walk away but Harry called out "you wanna lift we cant let you to wonderful girls walk all the way home on your own, its cold!" 
"sure" Sophie-Mae said and we went to there van! "Emily can i talk to you a sec!" Louis said which scared me abit I always hated it when people ask me to talk alone! I followed him looking back at Sophie-Mae as if to say I didn't know what's happening sorta face.  "you wanna walk home and let the others be lazy?" I didn't know what to say and so automatically my mouth made me say "yes!" we told the others and they left. we took the longer route but I was a little scared of this way I never liked going through alleys and graveyards at night and I think Louis noticed because he grabbed my hand squeezing it in reassurance!  we carried on walking and that's when my legs started to ache "Louis I cant walk any further my legs hurt" he looked back at me before picking me up and slinging me on to his back "piggy back" he asked 
"any time..." I said as I gripped hold of Louis shoulders making sure I didn't fall. we reached an abandoned ware house and Louis being Louis wanted to walk through it but I really didn't want to it looked so scary and i was afraid people of some scary sort would be squatting there drinking and taking drugs. who knows what would happen if we walked trough there.

" Louis this isn't a very good idea, GOD knows who is in that building yet alone what is in that building."

"come on Emily i will look after you if any man tries to scare you he has to fight me off first."  I giggled at his cuteness, and followed him in. we reached the other side and no one was in there. we reached the end and Louis started to screech at how he had been right about no one being in there and in the end i punched him on the arm playfully! he picked me up slinging me over his shoulder and running towards a lake. "Louis if you dare do that i will hate you forever!" 
he thought about it "maybe not" he said and plopped me on the floor. "lets get back before the others think something has happened..."  louis said i agreed and we ran home to mine he hugged me good bye and left. He turned the corner but i was left daydreaming into space. his hug was amazing warm and cute. i love those type of hugs!! OMG just wow! 


Sophie-Mae's p.o.v


So after Louis and Emily walked of i got in the van with the others we took the long route and round the hole of London by the time we got back it was dark , in the van it was warm and cost there was 2 seats in the front and then a few in the back I snuggled up to zayn as the window was open and it was quite cold, he asked if I was single and I didn't reply as I was still with horror hat he asked me why would he want to know then it popped into my mind that he must me single

"I'M SINGLE" I shouted out awkwardly

" Ok haha" everyone shouted...

I Felt like a bit on an idiot at that moment but started to laugh along with anyone we were getting close to home now and I didn't want to leave but i had to say goodbye at some point and we would be seeing them soon anyway... I sat up and took of my seatbelt

"bye" said Zayn looking not too happy

"See you at 8" I said...

I stepped out the van and went inside to feel a warm breeze my phone buzzed it was Emily saying she will be here soon i went to let her in the door and we went upstairs getting ready my mum came up and asked why we were getting all dressed up so we told her we had been invited to one directions after concert party.. My mum refused to let me go so i argued with her for about 15 minutes until she gave in although she didn't believe it was actually them. We were ready and  there was a ring at the doorbell so I ran downstairs Emily following me and we opened the door...

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