Daddy's Little Girl

Charlie McDonald is your average 14 year old. She and her best friend of 10 years had just had the biggest fight yet. Ally, Charlie's ex-best friend, had called Charlie fat. Charlie is already insecure, and she ended the friendship. Will Charlie's dad help her get out of a depression? And if he does, how will he do it?


1. Everything Happens For A Reason

***A/N: This is my first story on this site, so please be nice! I expect criticism and stuff like that, but no hate please! Thank you!***

I was Skyping with my best friend in the whole world, Ali Smith. She's been through Hell and back with me. We were spitting One Direction jokes back and forth when she said something in Spanish, to which I replied, "el shut up", and she translated it to me. "I said that ur fat when i kno ur not" and that made my heart shatter. I just shut the laptop and waited for my dad to get home from work. As I waited, I kept getting message after message from Ali. She kept saying how "sorry" she was. If she was so sorry about it, why did she say it in the first place?? As I read the messages, I started crying. I knew that I was fat, but Ali didn't need to rub it in my face! I just sat on the couch and cried. I was working so hard to lose weight and be healthy, but Ali didn't seem to care. I kept thinking about it and I noticed that I was eating right, exercising, and even cutting back on junk food. 

I was sitting on the couch, crying to myself, when my dad walked in. He noticed me right away, and dropped everything he had and ran over to me. "Charlie, whats wrong?" he asked. "Ali." I said. My dad looked at me. "What did she do now?" he asked. I showed him the message. He knew how hard I was working to lose weight, so he got really mad. "That ugly bitch!" he said. "I know you're on a diet, but I want to take you somewhere." he said, turning to me. He smiled at me. I grinned back. As I got dressed, we drove down to a place called Nandos. I was so shocked. I looked at my dad and he smiled at me. "Anything for my little girl." he said. We walked in, and ordered. It was just like McDonalds, except it sold pizza and hot wings. My dad and I both got hot wings and a slice of pizza. As we finished and left the place, my father smiled at me. "Charlie, I know how much you like One Direction, and do you know where I go every day?" he asked. I nodded. "A recording studio." I said. My dad smiled. I looked right at him. "You can't be serious!" I yelled. "Oh, I'm serious!" my dad said smiling. 

We drove to the studio, where there were two range rovers. "I'll bet you can tell which care is whose." My dad said. I smiled. "Niall's." I said, pointing to the car with the shamrock sticker on the back. "Harry's." I said, pointing to the other car. My dad smiled. "Good job." he said. I smiled. As we walked in, my dad was greeted by Paul. "Hey John." Paul said. Even though I was 5'3, Paul and my dad were still really tall to me. "Paul, this is my daughter Charlie." My dad said. "Charlie, this is Paul." I smiled shyly. "Hi." I said. Paul smiled at me and we shook hands. "Hey!" he said smiling. We walked over to the guys and I sat with my dad. "Boys!" Paul said. The guys all came running over. "Hey pretty lady." Harry said to me. "Harry..." my dad warned. Harry smiled cheekily at my dad. "Boys, this is John's daughter Charlie. She's 14. I expect you to be on your best behavior. And that means no curse words." Paul said. "Paul, its okay. She's heard worse." My dad said. Paul smiled. "Okay. You can curse." He said. "Now, go play. John and I have to edit the songs. Take Charlie with you." Harry pulled me up and we walked outside. 

We walked out to a soccer field. It was dark out and it was really nice out, since it was the summer. To make the teams even, Niall and I sat on the bleachers. I watched as the guys ran on the field, playing soccer. They were really good. Niall and I were silent until he glanced over at me. I was looking down at myself and I sighed. "What's wrong?" he asked. I looked up at him. I shook my head. "C'mon. You can tell me." Niall said, grabbing my hands. I closed my eyes and I started crying. "My best friend called me fat. She knows that I'm self-conscious, but she said it anyways." I said. Niall hugged me. "Babe, you're far from fat. Why would she say that?" he asked. I shrugged. "I don't know." I said. Niall looked me right in the eyes and smiled. "Charlie, you are beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you other wise." He said. I smiled at him. "Thank you." I said. 

Niall hugged me again and as we pulled back, he kissed my nose. I giggled and Niall blushed. We continued to watch the guys until Paul and my dad came out and called us in. We walked into the studio and Niall looked at my dad, who was looking at our hands. "Daddy, can I talk to you for a second?" I asked. My dad nodded. We walked into a separate  room and I sighed. "Why were you holding hands with Niall?" My dad asked. "I told him what happened with me and Ali and he cheered me up." I explained. My dad nodded. "If you want, you can go out with him." I looked up at my dad, shocked. "What?" I asked. "You can go out with him if you want. I'm not stopping you." My dad said. I smiled. "Thank you Daddy." I said as I hugged my dad. We walked out of the room and Niall smiled at me. I swapped numbers with all the guys. Pretty soon, I had to leave with my dad. I walked to our car and Niall ran to me. "Charlie. I'll text you when I get home. Okay?" he asked. I nodded. He hugged me and then got into his car. I sat in the passenger seat of my dad's car and I was smiling. 

"Thanks for bringing me Dad." I said. "You're my little girl. I can't stand seeing you cry." My said, smiling at me. We got home, and I went to get a shower. As I got out, Niall texted me. 

Nialler<3: hey babe...whats up?

I laughed and got changed into my pajamas. I sat on my bed and texted him back. 

Charlie: sorry I couldn't text you back right texted right as I was getting out of the shower..aha

Nialler<3: oh im sorry! 

Charlie: its fine! whats up with you?

Nialler<3: i'm just chillin with the guys..they all say hi(:

Charlie: tell them i said hey..and thank you so much for cheering me up today<3

Nialler<3: anytime<3

Just then, I got a text from Harry.

Harry: Hey Charlie. Niall really likes you!! .xx

I rolled my eyes and laughed a little. 

Nialler<3: did you just get a text from harry?

Charlie: yes(: 

Nialler<3: what did it say? he's over there laughing at me. 

Charlie: it said that you like me

Nialler<3: im gonna kill that curly one...

I laughed. I kinda had a feeling Niall liked me, but I wasn't sure until Harry texted me telling me he did. 

Charlie: Niall, do you like me? because I like you

Nialler<3: yeah, i do<3

I smiled and bounced in my bed a little. I was more than happy! 

Nialler<3: would you like to be my girlfriend? I wanted to ask you earlier, but I didn't want to ask in front of the guys...

Charlie: of course I would Niall!<3 and my dad said that he gave you permission to date me. and he usually meets my boyfriends, and I haven't had one yet, and he already met you, so you're good...and i have no idea where I was going with that...

Niall was so sweet and innocent. I knew my dad liked him. I just had to make sure. I walked down into the living room and asked my dad if he was okay with me and Niall going out. "Charlie, I told you. You can go out with Niall. Now, get to sleep. We're going to the studio again tomorrow." my dad replied. I quickly texted Niall. 

Charlie: Nialler, I gotta go to bed. My dad said that I'm coming back to the studio tomorrow. So, I'll see ya then?

Nialler<3: yep, see ya then!

I kinda got dissapointed that he didn't send me a good night text, but I guess he was busy. 

Nialler: Goodnight baby. I'll miss you! Sweet dreams<3

I smiled as the text lit up my phone. I quickly put my phone on charge, and slipped under the covers of my bed. I sighed and closed my eyes. I had a pretty good day. 

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