The Daily Life of Muffinkinz

The daily life of a Muffin .___.


7. Weekends!


It has been a tiring two weeks for meee. Going to Muffin High is sooo stressful. Not my fault its one of the top schools in PlanetMFN. So much work to doo.!

Well anyways since it's the weekend, TIME TO RELAX.

I, Muffinkinz usually stay home on the weekend to rest. To REFRESH myself. But too bad this weekend im sick... I got the Muffin Cold. -crycry-

But im still going to be able to relax even though im sick. 

Usually on Fridays I come home and dont do my homework. I save all my homework to do on saturday. On saturday I wake up late! as late as i want! since im sick i guess ill wake up around... 12? Sunday is my panic day. Panicking! I always feel unsure if i finish my homework or not. 

Not much of a weekend ehh? oh well. Just have to wait for breaks!

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