The Daily Life of Muffinkinz

The daily life of a Muffin .___.


5. Technology Class With L and M

Technology class is like two free periods for me. Me ,L and M are currently working on a project. Well let's just say we don't get much work done... Were too busy laughing to do anything. Don't worry guys we still pass the class. Our muffin teacher , Mr. F is very nice so I don't think he cares if we finish our work or not.
Before my seat changed, I sat on a table with all guys. I swear that was my worst seat ever. One of them had an obvious bad feet smell. The other one is annoying. He always messes with my Mell computer. Its like the muffin brand of Dell in the human world. And the last dude is just plain creepy. Your wondering how I even lived sitting there for half a year right? Well I didn't, L always pull me over to her side most of the. That is another reason why I never finish my work... we literally roll around in our rolly chairs and scream across the classroom. The best part of the class is that it is the last two periods of the day!
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