The Daily Life of Muffinkinz

The daily life of a Muffin .___.


4. Muffin High

I go to school at Muffin High. It is one of the top schools in Planet MFN. I should be proud of myself shouldn't I? Well I'm not. Even though it us a top school there's always some stupid people that happens to get in to the school. I sometimes wonder how did they even get into the school. Well whatever.
At school I'm in many different groups at different time of the day. Like in the morning in with my muffin friends named L and M. Too bad there no one named N, O, or P. My lunch group has seven muffins. I'm to lazy to name them all. So yea. SUSPENSE!
My teachs overall are very nice. They can be unreasonable at time but it's still possible for me to pass their class.
The worst part of the school is the cafeteria. There is always garbage on the floor and tables. How can muffins be that dirty?! This is what I hate. Muffins leave garbage on the tble that I always sit on. And I have yo clean after them. Those people are just lazy @$$3$.
Well that's how my school is.
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