The Daily Life of Muffinkinz

The daily life of a Muffin .___.


6. Homework...

AH HOMEWORK! Yes, we muffins has homework. We're like humans... but muffinized. hmm... I bet you are wondering how we write, walk, talk, blink, breath, etc. Well, I don't know either. We do what we normally do. The world may never know. CORRECTION the world WILL never know because I don't know. No one knows.

Now back to homework. Don't you guys just love it when you do homework there's always someone that bothers you? Just WONDERFUL... Apparently my muffin clan loves to bother me when I do my work. It's so annoying. But I have to reply them If I don't, I feel like I'm missing out on stuff. OH and when you have nothing to do.... no one talks to you. Isn't great?! 

I have a load of homework to do today! OH NO! my muffin friends L& M keep talking to me! It has passed an hour and i have done nothing.... what a waste of time... well before I rot, I shall finish my work. GOOD BYE!

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