I Would (1D)

valentines day, the most wonderful time of the year. Emily can't wait to see her boyfriend, but what if he has something else in mind?
Emily info: shoulder length light brown hair, freckles on cheeks, dazing hazel eyes and skinny.


3. chapter-3

                                    Emily's Pov:



when I woke up, It was 4:00pm so I just got up and went digging through his fridge when Niall said "you know it's still valentines day" confused I turned around and saw Niall holding a big teddy bear, a box of chocolate, and white and red rose's. "oh my Irish potatoe's" I said running over to him. "thanks, so much" I said pulling him into a imbrace. "anything for a hot  lad" he said with a wink and I started to blush. "Emily I love you" he said leaning in for a kiss, but I pulled away. " wait, wait,  wait, I just met u today, and I have so many thin-" he stopped me from talking and leaned in and kissed me.

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