I Would (1D)

valentines day, the most wonderful time of the year. Emily can't wait to see her boyfriend, but what if he has something else in mind?
Emily info: shoulder length light brown hair, freckles on cheeks, dazing hazel eyes and skinny.


2. chapter-2

when I finally calmed down Niall asked me to go with him to his flat. of course I said yes, I mean who wouldn't its Niall Horan were talking about. When we got there it was huge, his living room was bigger than my apartment. "wow" I said "money really pays off, huh?" I asked "yeah" he said "wanna watch a movie??" "sure" I said "can we watch the notebook?" I asked "of course" he said. after he put the movie in he got a blanket and we cuddled on the couch.



                                                          niall's Pov;



when I was only half way through the movie she had fallen asleep on me, she was so cute when she slept. I watched her while she sleeped. wow that guy who broke up with her is something, who would wanna brake up with her. oh score one for me, shes available, and who wouldn't wanna date me? im a hot irish lad. wait, ah im thinking like zany again, man I need to hang out with the other lads more. gosh im hungry again but Emily is still on me, Emily or food? FOOD!!!!!!!!! I carefully picked her up off me and layed her back down. gosh another descion chips or doughnuts? BOTH!!!!!!!!!

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