I Would (1D)

valentines day, the most wonderful time of the year. Emily can't wait to see her boyfriend, but what if he has something else in mind?
Emily info: shoulder length light brown hair, freckles on cheeks, dazing hazel eyes and skinny.


1. chapter-1

                                     emilys POV:







I'ts valentines day again and I can't wait till school, my boyfriend says he has a surprise for me and I really wanna know what it is. so right now I still need to  curling my hair, putting lip gloss on, and put on my pink dress, but luckily for me I can do that in ten minutes.



                                                                                  ~ten minutes later~



great now im done and can walk to school, but I better hurry looks like rain is coming my way, so I quickly grab my coat and backpack, and hurry out the door. When I get to school my boyfriend Alex is standing outside waiting for me. "so what is it.."    I ask him really excitedly. "the surprise is.........im dumping you" he says and walks away. I did not know how to react, so I just dropped my backpack, not caring about anyone taking it and ran as far away as I could from the school. When I stopped running I was in central park so I just sat down on a bench my face in my hands, and cried. While I was crying I was thinking "why, why me I never did anything bad I been pure my hole life, and its valentines da-' "are you okay" a boy with an cute irish accent asked me. I looked up and saw he had sparkling blue eyes, and perfect blonde hair, while I had mascara running down my face. "no im not" I finally answered "what happened?" he asked sitting down next to me, putting his arm around my shoulder. "m-m-my boyfriend b-b-broke up w-w-with m-m-me" I studder through the tears. "aw it will be okay" he said rubbing my back. WHEN I looked up again I saw that it was Niall Horan comforting me.

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