French Kiss

Marygold is a girl that is homeschooled and hasnt ever been outside in her life!One day her dad and mom get new jobs and Marygold has to go to public school!What will it be like outside? Who will she meet? Find out by reading the story!!!


2. The Bus

                                                                                       Marygolds Pov:


It's my first day at Charley High.I'm so nervous!

I just woke up.I took my P.J's off and put on my robe.I head to the washroom.I lock the door and take off my robe so im completly naked.Then I step into the shower and start to hum the song Firework by Katy Perry.  When I was done I put my robe back on .I walked to my bedroom and got dressed into a tank top,red sweater,hot pink jeans,green fluffysocks,blue tuke with a yellow pompom and my pink and blue striped scarf.  I brushed my hair and put it back in a bun.Then i put my tuke back on and brushed my teeth until they were as white as my white tank top!Then i had some shreddies cereal,before I brushed my teeth actually.After brushing my teeth,I put all my books I needed in my backpack and packed my lunch.My lunch was one banana,a yogurt,a strawberry granola bar,and chicken noodle soup for a real lunch.After that I walked down the street to my bus stop and waited for 5 minutes.When the bus came I hopped on and sat in an empty seat.Pretty soon we stopped at another house and a boy that looked about my age got on the bus.He came up to my seat."Is this seat taken?",he asked.I shook my head.He sat down beside me.He asked me if i was new.i nodded."Me too",he said!I was so surprised.a new boy thats sortof cute and his eyes sparkle in the sun.He;s so cute,and nice,and funny.On the bus ride we laughed alot.See you tommorow here i thought but didnt say a thing.His name was Turner.We exanched numbers and went to our first classes.

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