French Kiss

Marygold is a girl that is homeschooled and hasnt ever been outside in her life!One day her dad and mom get new jobs and Marygold has to go to public school!What will it be like outside? Who will she meet? Find out by reading the story!!!


1. Marygold

                                                                          Marygolds Pov:


I am 17 and going into my first year of college in two years.Im in grade 11 and I have been homeschooled since  kindergarten.My mom and dad always said outside was dangerous,so I have never been outside.But yesterday my parents brought me to the kitchen for a surprise.It was my birthday so I guess this was my birthday present.It was quite in the kitchen then my parents finnaly yelled out,"YOU'RE GOING TO PUBLIC HIGHSCHOOL!!!!!"I was so exited!They told me everything from getting new jobs to signing me up in public highschool.We are moving from here,Califronia,to  New York,New York.In the BIG APPLE!!!I,m going to meet so many new friends.......Maybe Even Boys!!!

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