French Kiss

Marygold is a girl that is homeschooled and hasnt ever been outside in her life!One day her dad and mom get new jobs and Marygold has to go to public school!What will it be like outside? Who will she meet? Find out by reading the story!!!


3. Eachother

                                                                           Turners Pov:


I cannot believe how fun my first day is so far!I met a girl,Marygold,on the bus this morning.She is beautiful!Her long,Brunnete hair looks amazing in a big bun.And the way her crystal blue eyes sparkle makes me feel like the sun is reflecting off the ocean.  And when I hear her beautiful voice,all I can hear is the nice,cool breeze on the beach sitting beside the ocean,and all I can see is her bright,soft,pink lips. The way she dresses doesn't match and ,from what I heard,would not get her in the popular group at this school,but to me its the best way to dress in hte world.She is super nice,and funny,and smart.When i first walked up to her on the bus,the way she looked at me made me know she would let me sit.We where both shy with eachother at first,but after we said a few things,we actually got to know eachother alot.Her nails are painted dark red.She's relly skinny.Does she like me too?

                                                 Marygolds Pov:    

He's so cute.I was so shy at first but now I know him.Alot!He has black,short hair.His sparkling brown eyes bring out his whole face.He dressed in dark jeans,and a orange hoodie with the symbols DX on the front.He had blue Nike sneakers.He is really skinny,and tall.He run's fast as a cheetah.Does he like me too?







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