French Kiss

Marygold is a girl that is homeschooled and hasnt ever been outside in her life!One day her dad and mom get new jobs and Marygold has to go to public school!What will it be like outside? Who will she meet? Find out by reading the story!!!


4. After School

                                              Marygolds Pov:

So,after school when the school Turner lifted me up over  his shoulder and ran out of the school with me.We went to the back where the garbage cans were.He put me down and he gave me a huge kiss on the lips...and I didnt hold back.I called my dad on my cell and told him I was going to Turners place for the night.So we walked to his place for 30 minutes.He had no T.V but he had a laptop and I had brought 5 movies so when his parents went to bed we got our P.J's on and crawled under the covers,just our legs,and snuggled up together and watched Turner and Hootch,which is funny because his name is Turner.At the end we both cried when Hootch died.It was soooooo sad.;(

Then pretty soon it was 1 am so we got a second pillow in his king sized bed.We got completely under the covers.He started to kiss me,and I joined in.Then our toungs joined in and explored eachothers mouths.I put my legs around him and he put he hands on my bottom.He pulled off my shorts and I pulled off his shirt.Then i took off his pants and he took off my shirt and bra.Then we took eachothers underwear off and pulled the covers over our heads and had some fun.



                                                            Turners pov:

Well when we woke up we had some waffles and syrup.Then Marygolds dad showed up and she had to go.Last night was amazing.I love her and it's only our second day knowing eachother.


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