Read it, its a secret ;D


3. Roommate

I took the plane and arrived in less than half of a hour. I got off the plane and I received the message the information that I needed. As I read the information that I got from my father, I almost puked.The brochure said that I would be living in the dorm room but I will also have a roommate. In my mind I was pissed that my father didn't tell me before hand. I thought to myself "So I see, he thinks that I will just surrender because of this challenge eh? You will be sorry then,because when I graduate from this school, I will be in charge of the company and change it myself since you love it so much."

When I finally found the school, I wandered all round in order to find the school principal. I introduced myself "Nice to meet you, my name is Lucus, I'm sure that my father had told you about my situation so far?"

The principal replied"Yes i know your situation but keep this in mind, I am your father's friend not yours so I am not a ally that will help you. You can classify me as a spy that will report what I know back to your father, understand?"

I nodded my head as he handed me a piece of paper and said "Since you are a student in this school I can't treat you any better than the other students and let you have your own room. Here is your room number and don't cause any trouble for me."

When I arrived at the room that was assigned, I realized that I was the first one there, even though I got lost for a hour or two. I thought for a while that I should probably unpack my secret stuff like bandages for chest binding and stuff for my "time of the month". Once i hid them pretty well i was about to take a nap, when I heard the door open. There stood a guy with blue eyes and brown hair and next to him was a smiling girl.

He looked at me and smiled "Hi nice to meet you! I am Aaron and this is my girlfriend Alison,she is from the all girl's school few blocks away."

I just replied "Lucus"with a loud,deep,and strongest voice. 

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