Read it, its a secret ;D


2. Leaving

When I stepped out of my father's room I saw my mom and my two sisters. They were eavesdropping at my conversation with my father. My mom and two sister looked like they were on the verge of crying. I smiled and said, "I'll be fine. Just wait until I finish these four years, okay? Then, you can do whatever you want after that. If that man go on a rampage and start attacking you guys, I'll come back home to save you, okay?"

Jenny and Jasmine, the twins, cried and said, "Dont leave us! I don't want you to leave us!" They held onto me.

My mother smiled and said, "Jenny, Jasmine, go play. I'm going to have a chat with Lucus, okay?"

They refuse to go, but my mom called Lucy, the maid, to come and help peal them off of me. My mother led me to her room and told me to sit down and make sure nobody was around listening.

"Lucia... I'm so sorry for making you going through this pain. Your father wasn't like this before, when I met him. When he took over the company he changed into a different person. I still have a bit of hope that the old him is still in there somewhere, please save him from the pressure of work. Only you can save him; you know your personality is the most similar to him. Well, before he turned like this," my mother begged me.

I stared at her and shouted, "Why in the world are you taking the side of the man who beat you every once a while when he is in a bad mood? And you dare compare me to that man? I am nothing like him. You are so foolish."

I stormed out of the room without thinking, I knew I hurt her feelings but telling me that I am most like him is going overboard. I went into my room and packed the items I needed the most and left without a sound. When I step out, I look back at the house one last time, and told myself, "When I come back the next time, this whole thing will be mine."

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