Read it, its a secret ;D


4. impressions

As soon as i finish saying my name instead of looking like a lazy person on a first impression, I took out my book and started reading. For a moment there nobody said anything and then a voice spoke up.

Alison said"Hey you are so pretty,are you sure you are a guy?"

I stared at her and replied "Yes I am a guy?What do you want?" In my mind i was so scared that my secret has already been already exposed. All of these years of being a guy didn't help and a single girl of my roommate found out already. 

Alison smiled and said"You look cute, do you mind if I take a few photo of you and introduce you to some of my friends?'

I shouted out "No! I hate photos.Go away or I'm going to go away."

Alison smiled and went up to me and sat on my lap,"Come on won't one little picture wont hurt you know? Come on Aaron help me take a picture of him or i don't want to see you anymore."

Aaron started fiddling around and finally after a while looked at me with puppy eyes and asked "Please? Please let her take a photo of you? I will owe you one favor pleaseeeeee? As a beg from a roommate?"

I thought for a moment and said "Anything remember that." 

Alison smiled and said"So that means that you agree right?Aaron,baby I'm thirsty can you go buy me a drink from the vending machine we past by a while ago?"

Aaron smiled and said "Sure" and ran off without another word.

Alison looked at me and said "Now that I got rid of that pest, lets get down to business. Do you want to go out with me?"


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