Read it, its a secret ;D


6. Chiraptophobia

Like all of the other people that i came into contact with they had a shocked expression on thier face whe i pushed them away from me.They all look at me with that eyes of theirs that im a monster.

I hid under my blanket away from those dark piercing eyes.

Then Aaron said"Why is it because I'm a fool or something?Did I do something wrong?"

I said back in a low voice "I'm Chiraptophobia"

Aaron laughed and asked" Okay so i didnt do anything wrong right? And that is that c something phobia?"

For a moment I thought about how stupid he is,but i replied back like I've been doing all of my life "Its the phobia of being touched by people. By the way so dont touch my stuff or me. The bottom bunk is yours okay?"

Aaron with a satisfied sound in his voice that replied "Sure, cya tommorw morning"

The next morning I woke up I left that sleeping Aaron guy and i went to the school that is only a few blocks away from the dorm. I just quietly went in my room and sat at the back cornner seat.I watched as the people started piling in. Most of the people know each other because they probally all went to the same rich school together. When the teacher came in, it was a female teacher. She made us intorduce ourself to the class. I thought about how to inroduce myself, I need to be cold so that nobody approch me and find out my secret. Then as slowly and painfully everyone had their turn and it was my turn.

I spoke in a cold voice "My name is Lucus Tyler. Dont talk to me and dont touch me."

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