Read it, its a secret ;D


5. afterwords...

I looked at Alison and i said in a cold voice "So is this what you do? As soon as your boyfriend leaves you ask another person out? How many boyfriends do you have in total anyway?I'm going to tell Aaron that when he gets back."

Alison looked at me shocked for a moment"Who are you exactly why didn't you fall for me? Most guys that I flirted for all agreed at once especially a beauty like me." 

I pushed her off my lap and i walked away from her "Get out now. For your information, I'm not like those foolish idiots that fell for you."

Alison was going to say something back but then that idiot Aaron came back. Aaron smiled like fool and gave her the drink and she left like the wind.

Then Aaron turned to me seriously "Hey your my bro right? You didn't fell for her did you?"

I gave him the cold look and sighed "Okay I don't care about her but we are dividing the room. Don't you dare come to my side okay and don't touch my stuff and i wont chase after your girl."

Aaron had that stupid smile on his face again then he suddenly hug me and said "Thank you!Your a awesome friend!! Lets be bros forever!'

I didn't move or thought anything i said right away "get off..of me.." 

Aaron didn't listen to me and said"No i'm going to love you my best bro! I will remember this say.."

"GET OFF OF ME NOW!"I yelled. I was shocked felt like i was watching my self yelling but i couldn't fell it or control myself...


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