Nothing Compares

Harry and Asia have been dating for about 10 months, today is their first Valentines together...what do they have planned?


1. Nothing Compares

Sleepy emerald eyes glistened in the darkness, watching...waiting. She wasn't awake yet, but he knew once she was, the sun would rise...just for her. A soft mumble escaped her lips and her body huddled closer to the boy's frame. His bare arms wrapped protectively around her waist and held her to his chest, her hair tickling his chin.
"Wake up, love," his low tenor was like a whisper, ringing her ears like the bell of an angel. Eyelids fluttered, another pair of sleepy emerald eyes joined the darkness.
"Good morning, babe," she showed a small smile, letting the corners of her mouth curl only slightly. His hand reached out, resting on her cheek and using his thumb to stroke just under her eye before kissing the tip of her nose.
"Do you know what day it is?" His grin lit up the room. She thought hard, trying to come up with the importance of the day, feeling almost afraid that she was missing something important. "Valentines day." He drew out the words with a silly drawl. His other half just rolled her eyes playfully with a smirk.
"You woke me up for THIS holiday?" Her voice held a hidden amusement, and he squeezed her tightly.
"Well it's the holiday of love...I figured we'd need to spend it together in someway?" He leaned his face down into hers to rub their noses together. The girl let out a giggle as her boyfriend shoved his face into her neck, tickling with the knotted curls similar to hers.
"Well what do you want to do, Harry?" She captured his eyes with hers, and a shared mischief seemed to pass through them both.
"I have some ideas."
With that said, Harry rolled her over, strattling her waist and leaning down to kiss her lips. He could feel her lips curve in a smile under his mouth.
"First, I'm making you breakfast."
The couple raced down the stairs, Harry holding her on his back and making airplane noises as he ran them around the living room and into the kitchen.
"Scrambled or over easy, Asia?"
Asia sat up on the kitchen counter, swinging her legs as she watched Harry work. His lip touched his top lip in concentration as he flipped the egg over, making sure they were perfect. Once finished, he brought the plate over to her, stepping between her legs, placing the plate next to her. She leaned down, Harry's eyes already closing, readying for a kiss. Instead, Asia reached behind her and grabbed a handful of flour and tossing it into his face.
"You did not!" His accent rang out in surprise. Her laughter erupted, filling the room. Soon the two of them were covered head to toe in white powder, and sitting at the counter finishing their breakfast before showering and reconvening in the sitting room.
"What would you like to do next?" Asia questioned, ruffling Harry's curls with her fingers before sitting on his lap and leaning back until her bottom was on the cushion and her feet were draped over his legs. The pair were in matching pajamas, white pants with red hearts. The only difference was the fact that she wore a shirt and he didn't. Instead of answering her question, he pushed play on the remote he had in his hand.
"Bambi? Really?" The boy grew a smug grin, telling her, 'Just wait.' In no time at all, her head was in his shoulder and she had tears forming.
"I hate hunters...deers have families too!"

After a day full of cuddling, Disney movies, and play fights...Harry found it time to put his plan into action. Upon entering their room during their game of hide and seek, Asia saw a note.
"Meet me on the roof, wear something nice. Xx"
Hurriedly, she rushed into the bathroom to do her hair and her makeup. She sprayed herself with the perfume that she knew Harry loved, and she ruffled through her closet to find her white lace dress, black tights, white ballet flats, and rose floral scarf. After taking one more look in the mirror and letting out a deep breath, she rushed up the stairs.
On the roof sat Harry, a dinky little table with a white table cloth and red candle sticks stood at the center.
"I know you aren't very into Valentines Day...and I know you've never had a I thought after having a lazy day, I'd make it special."
There were tears in his lover's eyes as she crossed over to him, speeding up her step so she could take a flying leap into his arms and wrap her legs around his middle. They shared a passionate kiss before he let her slip down to the ground and they sat down for a valentine date.

"Nothing compares to loving you."
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