A tattoo that's been on your hand for as long as you can remember. A chance happening. A threat.

A story.


3. The Consequences

It was like something out of a dream.


Lily looked up in shock. The shock wave from the blast had knocked her from her feet but she had managed not to smack her head off of the ground. The hall was filling with smoke rapidly, and she could hear the crackling of flames. She clambered to her feet clumsily, starting to regret wearing her boots. She looked around, hearing people beginning to scream. They were on the wrong side of the explosion. It was much harder for them to get out. Panic began to rise in her chest. She looked frantically around. There were people all around her in various stages of consciousness. She appeared to be the most alert and aware, though. She ran for the nearest classroom, kicking it in the hope of breaking it open. Her boots done the job, as the lock was already weakened by the blast. No, this room was no good. The windows were too narrow. She ran back into the hall, beginning to cough on the smoke. Another figure was on their feet. It approached her, and she froze.


Josh had been lucky, it appeared. If he would have been two steps closer to the blast, he would have been seriously injured, possibly killed. As it was, he cut his arm on a shard of flying glass. He could also feel a shallow cut on his hip as well. He glanced at it, seeing that his t-shirt was ripped and his unique tattoo visible. Before he had time to dwell on it, though, he heard banging coming from a nearby room. He shoved himself to his feet, coughing. The moment he finally got his breath back was the moment he got a good look at the figure. It was a tall, pretty, slim girl with long hair that looked almost black. She turned around and saw him, freezing. He was the first of them to react. "Come on! We need to get out of here!" He yelled, so she could hear him over the chaos. She nodded, sprinting for the next classroom. She bust it open with one swift kick to the door. They both sprinted inside. The air was a little cleaner in here. "Can we break the window?" Josh yelled. The girl shook her head. "No! We'll have to go to the next classroom!" They repeated this routine twice more, before finally finding a class that they could break the window. Josh picked up a chair and smashed it against the window, shattering the glass. They climbed through the hole, catching themselves on the glass. Josh winced as he felt a sliver of glass catch the graze on his hip and lengthen and deepen it.


Lily climbed out the window, feeling the glass catch her in various places. The people assembled outside saw them climb out of the window and rushed to help. She shrugged off all of the help, as did the guy who was helping her. They were left to themselves to catch their breath. She turned to him. "I'm Lily, Lily Marinos." She smiled slightly. He smiled back. "Josh. Josh Flint." He spoke with a slight accent, one that she couldn't quite place. She noticed his hip."You're bleeding!" She said, pressing a hand to the cut. He went to shove it away, but then stared at it.


He stared at Lily's hand. He didn't care about his hip, but the tattoo on her hand- Could it be...? "Oh, my tattoo? I;ve had that since I was a kid. It's not really a tattoo-" He cut her off, his Tennessee accent coming out once again as he spoke. "I know. I've got one too." He raised his shirt, revealing a tattoo at the spot just above where she had her hand. It was an angel wing, exactly the same as Lily's.



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