A tattoo that's been on your hand for as long as you can remember. A chance happening. A threat.

A story.


1. Intro

The angel wing tattoo on her hand stood out against her pale skin as she wrapped her arms around the knees. Her long, dark hair was flowing freely down her back. Her green eyes were wide with fear as she stared around the cold, dark cell. Her white, sleeveless t-shirt was battered and torn. Her black combats were in slightly better shape, but were covered in the stone dust that covered the floor of her cell. Her feet were bare. Chains connected her wrists to the wall and similar restraints were attached to her ankles. Footsteps approached, and her head shot up, a mix of fear and hope in her eyes. A young man, with dark hair and blue-grey eyes looked in through the bars of her door. "Josh!" The girl cried. "Lily! I'm gonna get you out, I promise!" His eyes were calm and reassuring, a feature which was replicated in his voice. She nodded. Josh disappeared from the door. The door shattered into pieces and Josh rushed into the room. "How... How... How did you do that?" She asked, her voice filled with fear and relief. "That doesn't matter. I'm so sorry." He wrapped his arms around her, before taking her hands. He had an angel wing tattoo as well, but his was on his lower back, just above his hip. It was visible as his shirt was in tatters. 


"We're going to get you out. But, Lily, listen to me." He looked her straight in the eyes. She looked up at him. "We can't hide any more. We're different, and everyone knows it now. We're never going to be normal again. You know that, right?" His voice was gentle but firm. She nodded, but he wasn't finished. "We're going to bring them down." She looked up at him, a small smile on her face. "You promise?" She asked quietly. He nodded, smiling broadly. "I promise." He dropped one of her hands. "Come on, then. Let's show them what we're made of."

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