Is it love?

lyss is not looking forward to school, mostly because everyone hates her ! She doesnt want to deal with it anymore on the first day of school it was so bad she ran out the front doors,she stopped at a near by park she sees a brown haired cutie but she doesn't say any thing.......


2. LOVE?


 I looked  up at him 

"Sorry he says looking down at his feet "

"its ok i say" blushing like crazy 

Its starts to rain 

"Hey shouldn't you be in school"

"ya but i was getting bulled really bad again and so i just couldn't take it so I'm running away i live with my aunt and she hates me so she wont care if i leave "

"But where wii you live?" he asked concerned 

" i dont know " i say looking down at my feet 

" you can live with me!"

"Well  i guess ok" in my head i was freaking out i loved louis so much and now i was gonna live with him!

"Hey lyss' he said blushing 

"Ya "i say

" Wii you go out with me?" he says looking into my bright blue eyes

"YES!!!!"i squel and i jump into his arms 

He smiles at me and kisses me on the fore head and we walk to his house in the rain but we dont care because we where truly in love we laughed and talked all the way to his home.



-sorry guys i know this is a sucky chapter just wait it gets better!-

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