Is it love?

lyss is not looking forward to school, mostly because everyone hates her ! She doesnt want to deal with it anymore on the first day of school it was so bad she ran out the front doors,she stopped at a near by park she sees a brown haired cutie but she doesn't say any thing.......


5. I hate you!


I just stare at louis my face red from tears he quickly asks whats wrong and i yell what's wrong what's wrong is your 2 timing me ! Louis i thought we had something special!What? he says i have no idea about what your talking about i practically throw the i pad at him he looks at the screen .He looks up i raise my eyebrow's that's whats wrong i yell! Babe it's not what it looks like! he says he trying to put his hands on my shoulders to comfort me but i push them away Whatever i yell i race up stairs into the room they lended me i grab a large carbon bag and stuff it with my clothes and makeup and all of my other stuff i see a picture frame on my night stand it's a picture of all of the boys but i only keep it cause ill miss Niall and zayn,liam,and harry i really wish louis wasn't in that picture louis hasn't come up stairs yet i think he's giving me  time to cool of but he dosent know that my heart's been broken before and and I'm done I'm not letting my heart be broken again by someone who dosent care.I walk down the stairs and louis comes out of the kitchen what are you doing? he ask looking at my bag Im getting out i cant do this louis! You broke my heart! I wont let you ! I Wont ! I yell! The other boys get home Niall notices I'm crying he come over to me.What's wrong he ask? I look up at him. Leaving i say louis broke my heart and I'm done it happened to me once and i wont let another carless fool brake it again! i yell i grab my keys and and run into the rain i get into my car and race into the abandoned streets crying.  

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