Is it love?

lyss is not looking forward to school, mostly because everyone hates her ! She doesnt want to deal with it anymore on the first day of school it was so bad she ran out the front doors,she stopped at a near by park she sees a brown haired cutie but she doesn't say any thing.......


6. Broken

I'm running i don't know where I'm going I'm just running away from him ,everyone. I'm so broken. *BEEP* *BEEP* I turn around to see the bright red lights my heart feels like it might burst out of my chest.I try to run but my feet stay where they are. I close my eyes. " goodbye" i think to my self the truck gets closer. "i love you forever and always but you broke me and i can't let you do that" the truck is almost where i stand he struggles to stop the car "I love you Louis" tears stream down my face.

                                           *4 weeks later*

My body ached every where my eyes flutter open "She's awake !" i hear louis yell he run's to my bed and kisses me he has dark bags under his eyes like all the other boys


               *Sorry for the short chapter the next one will be long promise*

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