Is it love?

lyss is not looking forward to school, mostly because everyone hates her ! She doesnt want to deal with it anymore on the first day of school it was so bad she ran out the front doors,she stopped at a near by park she sees a brown haired cutie but she doesn't say any thing.......


4. Bitter sweet?


Yesterday's visit at the beach was perfect. This morning Louis made me brekfest he made me strawberry pancakes, he went to the store so I decided to check my face book and i notice something Louis kissing someone but it wasn't me.... I stared blankly at my laptop screen then tears flowed down my check I harried my face into a couch pillow my heart felt lie my heart had been ripped into 2.Then I get a text from my friend hey guess what Niall Horan is dating me I meet him through Louis ! Don't talk about that loser ! Umm ok I'm talk about what ever is going on ith y'all later I have to go Niall is taking me to the movies ! At least you have a boyfriend ! I start crying and I yell screw you Louis ! And then I start crying then Louis walks in.............

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