Is it love?

lyss is not looking forward to school, mostly because everyone hates her ! She doesnt want to deal with it anymore on the first day of school it was so bad she ran out the front doors,she stopped at a near by park she sees a brown haired cutie but she doesn't say any thing.......




   I was cold and i had my face in my hands,

i was crying softly i looked up when i heard a voice ,

"hello?"he said

his voice was soft and sweet and he had a British accents. I felt so embarrassed.

"Oh hi " i said i could barely get the words out of my mouth ,

"Are you ok love?" he asked me 

"Not really " but i wont bother you with my troubles

"Are you sure I'm here if you need to talk someone" 

i look startled no on ever was nice ti me or even talked to be unless there where telling me what  an ugly dumb blonde i was

"i told him just that and he looked at me and said really?"

"ya" i told him 

"so whats your name love?"

"holly" i said softly 

"louis" he said 

before i could say anything he said 

"your so pretty" he said staring into my eyes

"th- than- thanks i said almost in a whisper no one ever talks to be like this ever....



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