Secrets, Lies & Love

Sutton is a normal girl...When her parents die, she goes to her only family she has, her uncle. I know what you're thinking her uncle. Can't be bad...It's Simon Cowell. I know, well she begs him for a party, and well, she gets it. His clients One Direction show up,. and one starts to fall for her. But when Mr.Cowell comes in the way they keep their love hidden, and secrets form, but as new lies and secrets form, something starts to break...


26. Too soon..I think not!

Louis's P.O.V

      I was getting tired....Harry and Niall already went to bed. Dani and Liam were next to go! "Hey love, I will be right back. Gotta pee!" I snogged El for a minute, then left. I walked upstairs, and flicked on the bathroom light. "I know, I just...Can't..." Someone sobbed. I wondered if I was hearing something...

    After I wizzed, I walked to the room next door, and I heard Harry sobbing..."Hazza?" I asked knocking on the door. "Come in!" He said and I could tell he was hurt.

  I walked in and he was on the phone. "Gotta go, talk later!" He hung up. I walked over to him. "Everything ok mate?" I asked sitting on his bed next to him. "No!" He whispered. "Why? You can tell me!" I said rubbing his back. He looked up and tears were bursting out of his eyes. "Sutton. Everytime I see her. I want to kiss her. I wanna be the one who holds her, and kisses her!" He said looking down. "You looked fine out there!" I said trying to be sincere. "I didn't want her to know. That's why she left in the first place. Me. I am not ruining it for her anymore!" He sobbed more and more. "Mate, go out have fun. Don't worry about her. If she really loves you she'll realize it...Give her some time. If not, it's not ment." I hugged him. "Thanks Louis..." He smiled a bit. "Everything will be ok!" I reassured him. He nodded. I didn't know what else to say. Sutton doesn't seem into him....

Sutton's P.O.V

     El and Louis went to bed, and Dani and Liam, leaving Zayn and I alone. He was cuddling me under a blanket. "I am tired..." I whispered. "Then go to sleep..." He played with me hair. I smiled, and thought about how amazing I feel right now..."Hey babe?" He asked suddenly. "Yesh?" I asked giggling. "Have you been eating right?" He asked me. I hesitated. "No?" He asked with seriousness in his voice. "Well..." I paused. "Gosh Damn IT!" He shouted. I jumped. "Why?" I asked. "You can't do that!" He said to me. "Did you cut your wrists too?" He asked me with a tone I've never heard. "You really think I've fucking cut myself?" I questioned him. "Welll, you know..." He said. "I don't...Why would I? Because I missed you?" I asked with disgust. "Well..." He asked me. "Right now. I am not missing you very much!" I said standing up. "Sutton. Come back. It was a little fight!" He begged me. "Sleep with a fucking pillow in your arms tonight douche!" I screamed at him. I heard him sigh. I ran upstairs, and knocked on Harry's door. "It's open!" He said in a tired voice. I walked in, shut and locked the door behind me. "Sutton?" He asked sitting up. "Zayn's a fucking douche bag!!" I screamed. "Come here!" He said holding his arms out. "He said I would cut myself because I miss him. It just shows how big his damn ego is!" I said running to Harry's arms. He hugged me. "I am here!" He said holding me tight. I felt bad for some reason....but I didn't care!

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