Secrets, Lies & Love

Sutton is a normal girl...When her parents die, she goes to her only family she has, her uncle. I know what you're thinking her uncle. Can't be bad...It's Simon Cowell. I know, well she begs him for a party, and well, she gets it. His clients One Direction show up,. and one starts to fall for her. But when Mr.Cowell comes in the way they keep their love hidden, and secrets form, but as new lies and secrets form, something starts to break...


43. Seeing them? Bad day?

Sutton's P.O.V

  I woke up and Simon was gone. I walked downstairs and there was a letter on the counter.

Hello, so I left this water. Drink it for good health. See you soon.

Simon forgot to sign it. Silly Simon. I took the glass of water and grabbed a bag of Doritos and sat on the couch. I had my phone on loud, and I watched T.V...

    After I finished the chips and water, I felt like sleeping. Then my phone went off.


"Sutton? Hello.."

"Who's this?"


"Who's this!?!? Is this some fan?"


Then they hung up. What a weird-o. I lauhged and watched some of The Voice, then I heard some scuffling upstairs. My heart jumped and I was frozen. Something fell, I told myself.


    I kept watching T.V when Zayn called me.


"Hey love, how's home?"

"It's ok. I am home alone tonight.'s tour?"

"It's ok. I wish you were here. I was just checking up on you. Making sure you're ok."

"Yeah. I am perfect. A little tired, maybe it's because, I'm sick...Listen so I got this crazy fan mail!!"

"I get those a lot!"

"No, they said they've waited 11 years for me...Weird!"

"I know seems over board."

"I k-"

I dropped the phone and a rag was tired around my mouth. A man grabbed my hair and made me stand up. "Shut up. Don't scream." He said, and tears streamed down my cheeks. He grabbed my wrists and held them together. Zayn was still on the phone. Maybe he heard the moving around and the man...."Night!" The man whispered then shoved a cloth over my nose and mouth area...



  I woke up with my hands tied, and a rag tied over my mouth. I was in a little room. I was laying on the bed. "MHHMM!?" I shouted, or tried. I heard men talking...

   Then one tall man walked up, he had light brown hair and was dressed in all black. "You're awake!" He smiled and it scared me. I was so scared. Where was I? Who was he? How do they know me?

  Then he grabbed my upper arm and dragged, litteraly dragged me to another room.

 He made me stand up and he made me look at two guys. Then he ripped the cloth from my mouth, and I wanted to scream. "Sutton!?" A man whispered and I could tell his voice anywhere.

   "Daddy?" I whimpered. He stood up then another man looked at him and he sat down. "Dad!?" I screamed. A medium man with white hair waled over to me with something  in both hands. "I'm Charles. This is my...friend, Walt." He whispered, and chills ran down my spine. "So you're 20?" He asked in a snake voice. I nodded with a quivering lip.. "I have been looking for you for such a long time. I let you be a girl, live, now you're old enough to not be here." His hot breath touched my neck and made me twitch. He took his index finger and rubbed my chin.

   "Beautiful body?" he asked me. I didn't answer. "Let's see." I felt his hand run my thigh, and I wante to cry or move but I couldn't. Walt was holding my arms back. Then charles, took out a knife. I began to breathe hard. "Don't worry. This isn't to kill you...That's what guns are for." He laughed softly. I felt the cold blade on my shirt, and he began to rip my shirt. After a minute it fell off hitting the floor and making a dust cloud. "Nice bra." He rubbed his hands on my stomach. I jumped a little. "Don't worry. I don't bite." He licked his lips. "Do you remember us?" He asked quietly. I shook my head. "We took your dad 11 years ago. We killed your mom?" He asked bring the horrid memories back to mind. I closed eyes, and nodded my head. "Good, your dad has been living a normal life. We said he could as long as he didn't talk to you. So he did and now we have you both back.." He explained. I looked at my dad who was looking down..Then Charles went down and unbuttoned my shorts and wlid them off my legs and made me step out of them. he glided his rough hand up my inner leg and I felt like throwing up. "Sutton you are a beautiful girl." He said holding my sides. I closed my eyes..

     Then I felt his knife against my skin again, it was by my bra. "Let's get this off." He said then cut it off me, reavling myself. I began to cry. He went to my underwear. "These look nice." He ripped them off me and I was completely naked. I felt his hands touch my body. "Dad?" I begged quietly. "He can't stop me." He whispered. I had enough, this old rag kept touching me. "Why are you doing this?" I asked him. He pulled my lifeless body close to him. "I like girls, and don't have a wife. Or haven't had one in a looong time." "Well if you didn't kill people or act as a pedo, maybe you would." He grabbed my breasts and smiled at me. I felt like I wanted him to kill me now...


  He raped me, everytime I winced at pain, he cut me. I had a blanket and was sitting infront of a fire place while they watched T.v. they didn't give me clothes, they didn't care abou tme. When I talked they cut me. I had so many cuts on me it was ugly. I sat there shaking, wanting Simon, waning Zayn, and Harry and Niall and Louis and Liam...

    Charles and  Walt and Dad went to bed. I was left infront of the fire....I didn't move for hours.

I walked with the blanket around me to the kitchen. I walked in and grabbed charles phone he left here to charge. I unplugged it and raced back to fire in case someone came out. I was so scared they were going to catch me.



"Zayn!? It's Sutton."

"Love? Who's phone is this?"

"No time. I have to be quiet...I can't talk...Listen..."

"Ok, what is it?"

"Zayn...My dad was kidnapped when I was 9...the men found me and have me here at this place. I don't know where I am...I just want you to know I love you."

"Sutton, I have to come get you!"


I hung up and heard Charles walk towards me..



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