Secrets, Lies & Love

Sutton is a normal girl...When her parents die, she goes to her only family she has, her uncle. I know what you're thinking her uncle. Can't be bad...It's Simon Cowell. I know, well she begs him for a party, and well, she gets it. His clients One Direction show up,. and one starts to fall for her. But when Mr.Cowell comes in the way they keep their love hidden, and secrets form, but as new lies and secrets form, something starts to break...


46. Relief

Zayn's P.O.V

  I got a call from Simon. I was already worried, about Sutton, but she could have been drunk or sad. I don't know.

"Hello? Simon?"

"Zayn you and the boys need to know something. Skype me."

Then he hung up.

 About 5 minutes later we were all skyping Simon.

"Boys, this is Sutton's dad." He said smiling, and showing us a man that looked in bad condition. "What's wrong with him? Why is he like that?" I began to worry, then remembered Sutton's call. "He was stolen and escaped. Sutton is there too. Not enough time and I want you to know she's ok. Um, she escaped but they got her back, and I have the police on it now..." Simon said tearing up. I froze. Thinking of how my baby girl is in trouble. All the guys were silent. "So, don't worry. She's fine." He smiled, then hung up. We all sat there silently, speechless. Sutton had a dad, forreal. I was in heart was broken. She called me teling me she loved me. I couldn't help but break down. I looked at everyone who had someone to be there for them. Everyone had someone to hug but me. I was alone...I didn't have Sutton.

   I walked to my bunk and broke down. I shoved my face in the pillow and cried. I cried so hard, for Sutton, for me, for no reason, for everything...I was done with everything!

Sutton's P.O.V

  I woke up on the couch, I was free, nothing was attached to me, I had gauze over my stab wound. I couldn't move, I was in so much pain. "Please let me go to the hospital. When I get better I will come right back here." I begged them. They were watching T.V..."No.." Walt smiled at me. I put the blanket over me and gasped for air. "What's wrong with you?" Charled snarled at me. "I can't breathe!" I shouted, and grabbed my stomach. "Shut up." He rolled his eyes. The pain was so harsh. I felt like crying. I could barely move or breathe.

     After, must have been hours of laying there, they went to bed. Charles stayed in the living room so I didn't leave. He was working on papers, in the kitchen. "I am hungry." I whined. "So?" He grumped. "Feed me!" I demanded. "No." He laughed. I gasped in pain. "Hush up you mut!" He threw a plate at me. "I wanted food not dishes." I smiled sarcastically. Him, being annoyed walked over to me stomping his feet. He placed his hand on my wound, "hurt?" He asked smiling sympathetic. "Yes." I cried quietly. He pressed almost all his weight on it. I screamed in pain, and tears streamed from my face and hit the blanket. "Then you'll learn to shut up." He smacked my mouth. I doubled over in pain, and looked down. "Fuck you. Fuck your friend. Fuck everything!!" I shouted loudly. He stopped walking and turned towards me.. He grabbed the whip and rushed towards me. He knew I couldn't move, so he smacked me on the cheek with it. Stinging like ass. Then after he smacked it. I winced. He smiled, then walked over to his papers. I just cried there silently. I am going to die here.....I know it...


   It's been 3 days since I helped my dad escape and no one has come for me. He didn't get help fpr me. He doesn't love me..

   It's 6 pm and I was fast asleep. Then I heard scuffling around. I opened my eyes, and Charles and Walt were packing their clothes and belongings. I still couldn't move. "Guys?" I asked quietly. "They didn't stop, they kept packing.

      Then after a half hour of pakcing. They walked outside. My heart started to pund. "Where are you going?" I cried out. They shouted:"Out." Then Walt laughed. I started to worry, they are leaving me here? "Please stay here." I begged them. Then I heard their truck start, then they were off. I began to cry, I began to bawl my eyes out. I was alone and half dead...


      I fell asleep and woke up, and I thought it was a wasn't...I was alone, in a old dusty house, and could barely move. I cried to myself. "It feels like we've been living in fast forward..." I started to sing Up All Night to calm me down. It didn't help. I felt like passing out, and I felt light headed...I slowly got up and walked to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror, almost doubled over in pain.

    My hair was dirty and nasty. My face looked digusting. It had cuts, and bruises on it, and it was bloddy. I checked my body. It was nasty and small. It made me want to vomit...I felt sick to my stomach, and I had cuts and bruises and whip marks and more covering my body....I felt weak and crawled back to the couch...

  I layed there for hours on end, and thought, I could crawl to a road, someone would see me...

I got some courage, and crawled to the door, pain rushing my body and the blanket  wrapped around me tightly...I felt so sick, I felt so weak and unstable..

  I made it to the door and crawled/limped out, touching the cold, ground, smelling the fresh air, and smelling the leaves and mudd, and the snow that layed slightly on the ground, not much but you could see it..


   I made it a little ways, and fell hard to the ground, collasping in pain. I felt my whole body go numb. Tears streamed down my face. I knew I was close to a road, I could hear cars, I could feel it...

    After laying there for about 30 minutes, I picked myself up and contiuned on. I was shaking and it was unbearable...I felt a warm, waterly substance run down my leg. I looked down, my hip has a huge gash it in and I was bleeding. I could feel it. The pain was unreal.

   I reached the edge of the road, and I felt some relief some to my mind, but not my body. I was gasping loudly..

Some guy's P.O.V

I was jogging, getting ready for football. It was pretty late at night, but I run to where no one really is, only some cars once in a while. It was quiet but not to quiet.

   Tonight I was running, and I heard a faint gasp. I stopped running and listened again. "Hello?" I called out. I heard a loud gasp and knew someone was over there. "Help." Someone asked faintly. I shook my head. "Where are you?" I called out. I heard the gasp and I walked towards the woods.

    I looked for about 10 minutes and I saw a figure moving on the ground. I walked cloer to it. It felt like a horror movie.

  After I got closer to the figure, I saw what it was. It was a girl, laying there in pain. She was facing the ground.

   I raced towards her and moved her. She had cuts and bruises all over her. She had long red marks over her. Her hair was really dirty, and she was naked, but covered by a blanket and she had bruises all over face with blood over her. "A-Are you ok?" I stuttered. She shook her head wincing in pain. "Oh gosh!" I cried out. "Where's....t-th-the nearest....h-hosital?" She gasped for air. I couldn't let her move she needed medical help. I slowly bent down to her. "Do I have permission to touch you?...Uh, not sexually...I am helping you." I said..."Yeah." She whispered. I slowly grabbed her as she made noises from pain. I picked her up bridal style and she was bleeding in my arms. I felt so bad for her.

   I started walking down the road fast but careful for her. She would fade in and out, and I couldn't lose her. I didn't know her, but no one deserves this. "Talk to me." I told her. "A dad. I saw." She gasped out... I didn't care what she said to me. As long sa she talked then I knew she was alive. "How you feel?" I asked her. She smiled. "Fantasic." She smiled looking at my face. I smiled, her eyes were gorgeous blue and she had a pretty smile and she looked pretty...

    After an hour of walking and small half talk with Sutton, Yeah found her name out. We made it to the hospital. "We're here." I said quietly. She nodded and smiled and I felt relief in her body.

   I walked in with her in my arms and walked to the desk. "I need a doctor." I shouted, the girl didn't look at  me. "Take a seat." She pointed to the lobby. "Look!" I demanded. "She is hurt. Not a broken leg, I mean on the verge of death!" I screamed at the woman. She looked up and saw Sutton. Her face turned pale and she looked as if she saw a ghost. She immediatly called doctors down.

    It took no longer than 2 minutes. The put her on a bed and I saw her leave. "Wait for me Dustin!" She shouted in pain. I looked at my clothes and saw her blood stains, which were disgusting but I didn't care. I just saved her life.



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