Secrets, Lies & Love

Sutton is a normal girl...When her parents die, she goes to her only family she has, her uncle. I know what you're thinking her uncle. Can't be bad...It's Simon Cowell. I know, well she begs him for a party, and well, she gets it. His clients One Direction show up,. and one starts to fall for her. But when Mr.Cowell comes in the way they keep their love hidden, and secrets form, but as new lies and secrets form, something starts to break...


16. Pizza boy.

Sutton's P.O.V

     It's almost Halloween, and I am so excited. Tonight, Liam and I are going to watch the Toy Story movies, then after that the some random Disney movies we find. It's so cool. We are pushing everyone away for tonight. I need some time with my best friend, besides El or Harry or Dani or Zayn. I mean Louis and and Niall I love so dearly, I just don't get into SUPER deep convo's with them.

      It's about 6 pm and I am starving. Louis is sitting by El, Zayn is on the laptop on Twitter, and Harry and Niall are on their phones. Dani is talking to Liam. "*SIGH!*" I said getting into Zayn's face. "Yes love?" He asked. "I am hungry." I whined. "Let's eat. What do you want?" He asked sliding his laptop over, and setting my head in his lap, so I was looking up at him and he was twirling my hair with his fingers. "I will make it!" Harry suggested. "No. I want Pizza, and we should have it delivered." I cried out. "I want that. We should play a joke on the Pizza guy when he comes!" Louis said lauhging hysterically. "WHAT!?" El jumped with joy. He whispered in her ear. "WHAT? Um, I don't know?" She said blushing. "Come on!" He begged. "Fine, ok he wants us to..."

Pizza Guy's P.O.V

         So I was told some girls wanted some Pizza's. Well I am just the guy. Probably some girls, whose parents are away... Anyways...

    So I got in my car, plugged in the adress and was off.

  I got to their house, and it was huge and beautiful. Rich bitches.

  I walked up to the door, and knocked. I heard giggles and then someone anwsered the door. A tall girl with curly hair stood there, and looked nice. She was wearing a hot pink bra and a hot pair of lace underwear. "Is he here?" A sweet voice asked. Then a girl with longish brown wavy hair and brown eyes walked over in a black lace bra and a pair of light blue panties. "He's here!" Another voice said, and I was going to explode. Then a beautiful girl walked up, her hair straight, in a white lace bra, and a matching badazzled panited. "Hey!" She smiled at me. "We can't carry that pizza, can you come in and...set it down?" The 2nd one asked me. "Oh this is Danyella (Dani) and I am Ellie(El), this one is Sam(Sutton)." The girl with brown eyes, smiled at me. They led me to their living room. "That must have taken a lot out of you. Wanna sit down? Sam asked me. Her blue eyes were bright. The one with curly hair sat by me and I was ready for a boner. "Ou, hand me that cup Sammi!" Ellie joked, she leaned over me with her boobs in my face getting the cup. "Come sit!" Ellie told Sam, Sam sat by Ellie, and they were all over eachother, making my boner really hard to stay donw. "Don't mind them. Their les." Danyella smiled at me. I looked over and Ellie and Sam were laying on each other, and kissing each other's cheeks... Ellie undid Sam's bra, but it didn't move, it stayed. I couldn't help it. Danyella laughed. "Let me join!" She said shaking her butt. She sat in the middle, and kissed both of them on the cheeks. I couldn't help it. My boner came up. "Eww. That's nasty." Sam cried. "Get out now!" Ellie said pushing me towards the door. "What about my pay? Or tip!" I insisted. "Looks like you already got that!" She pointed at my boner, then slammed the door in my face. ...Wow...What a night.

Harry's P.O.V

     Us guys watched the whole thing, we were like right behind them. It was so funny and hard to keep our laughter down. But when I saw Sutton was wearing, I myself wanted a boner. She looked absolutely amazing. The way she played him so much. Her body movement, was like when it was her and I at the pool. She looked stunning in her bra and panties, well it was a thong, but who cares right ;)

After he left, everyone came out and laughed. "It was weird kissing a girl!" El said to Louis. "It was only her cheek!" He giggled. "But it was different." She smiled. Dani hugged Liam and Zayn spun  Sutton around in his arms. I didn't like seeing her with him. I didn't at all. I wanted to be the one holding her while she was half naked. "We are going to go change!" Sutton said, winking at Zayn. He set her down and she walked upstairs.

    "Guys I gotta pee!" I announced. "Then go!" Louis said shoeing me away. I raced upstairs, and to Zayn and Sutton's room. I walked in. Sutton was still in her bra and thong. "Sutton?" I asked closing the door. She jumoped. "You scared me Haz." She giggled. "Shh." I said walking over to her. "What are you doing?" She asked moving back. "Hazza please don't!" She begged. I smiled. "What?" I asked, she blushed. "I just want one kiss. I saw you like this tonight and wanted you like no other. Please one kiss!" I begged her. She rolled her eyes. "fine.." She smiled at me. I walked over to her and began kissing her slowly. She moved her hands towards my neck. I felt her tug at my hair asking if it's ok. And well it was. "Wait!" She grabbed, her phone and texted zayn.

Her> Hey babe, Harry just threw up. I am going to keep him company before everyone goes out. Love ya!

 She texted he said "Ok" I was happy, she lied for me. I began kissing her again. I began kissing her neck and I slipped off her bra and thong. Well, everyone knows what happened next....

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