Secrets, Lies & Love

Sutton is a normal girl...When her parents die, she goes to her only family she has, her uncle. I know what you're thinking her uncle. Can't be bad...It's Simon Cowell. I know, well she begs him for a party, and well, she gets it. His clients One Direction show up,. and one starts to fall for her. But when Mr.Cowell comes in the way they keep their love hidden, and secrets form, but as new lies and secrets form, something starts to break...


32. ME?!?!?!

Sutton's P.O.V

     "Ok, Paul is sending cars over now!" Liam said sitting down. Everyone had their bags downstairs with them. We are all sitting on the couches and we are all having a laugh...

     *BUUUUZZZZZZ* someone was trying to call me. "Be right back!" I said running to the kitchen..


 Me: Hello?

Simon: Duck! How are you? Good?

Me: Fine, getting ready to leave!

Simon: I saw your tweet last night. Are you ok? I don't want you to go if it's going to be drama!

Me: It's fine Simon! Let it be! I will be ok. Liz is coming with us...She's coming for Niall. We think he's in loooovve!!!!

Simon: Well the love train better stop. Ticket sales are higher if more boys are single.

Me: No one has to worry about Zayn.

I hung up. Why is it all they care about is ticket sales? Can't they focus on what really matters? Making music?

  "Cars here!" Louis shouted excidetly. I smiled.


     We got in the cars. El, Dani, Liz and I were so nervous! The boys were use to this.

Liz, Niall, Liam, Dani and Harry were in one car. Zayn, Louis and El and I were in another. I was sitting by Zayn. We tried to make it not awkward but everyone knew it was....It was November 30th. So my birthday is in 3 days. I was upset Zayn broke up with me so soon, but I was keeping it all down. "Where are we all gonna sleep?" I asked. The body guard Fred in the drivers seat laughed. "We got two buses. They both have 6 beds.So you guys choose." He laughed again. Who was I going to sleep with? Or by?

   We finally got to the buses and they were huge!!! I looked at them. They looked like moving houses!! (Duh) I got out. I went to get my bags. "I got them!" Zayn smiled. I rolled my eyes. Louis grabbed El's bags. "Can we sleep in the same bus!?" She begged me. I nodded. Wow her best friend and my best friend got along better together then us. Her and I got together better too! Weird.

      "So, who sleeps where?" Liam asked everyone. "How about whatever car you took. That's who sleeps in the same bus." Louis said. Harry nodded.

    "UGH!" I sighed. Everyone laughed then Zayn and Niall walked over by us. "What's up?" Zayn asked. "El, Louis, Sutton, you in one bus. Dani, me, Niall, Harry and Liz in one bus.." Liam said hugging Danielle. I sighed. "You guys expect me to sleep by Sutton?" Zayn asked out loud. I raised my eyebrows. "Excuse me?" I asked him hurtfully. "You're the one that dumped me!" I said to him. "That's not what I ment!" He begged me. "Well, I can handle this. Can you?" I asked him. He nodded. "Whatever!" I said smiling to everyone else. "I can stay in the other bus..." I smirked. "NO!" He begged. "That's what I thought!" I rolled my eyes.

    We got on the bus and it was so cute. "Which bed?" El asked Louis. "Um, doesn't matter!" He giggled hugging her. Why can't I have a relationship like that!?!?!


       "Guys. We need to fix these buses. We won't be on these until January. Stay at this hotel!" Paul said handing us a paper. Fuck me...a hotel really?


    We got our things and moved to the hotel. We were staying here until January? Gross...

    "Who's rooming together?" Everyone asked. "Why don't Zayn and Lou share. I can stay with Sutton!" El said hugging my arm. I nodded. "Cool!" I said smiling to her.


     We were in Harry's room. Everyone was. We were going over the schedule. "Hold on I am getting a call!" Danielle stood up and walked away. I don't want her to leave....She is a dancer so we all knew her schedule would be tight...

         "Guys? Um...I can't stay here...I am so sorry...Job calls." She said with tears filling her eyes. Everyone stood up and hugged her tightly. "Love ya!" I whispered to her.

    After Dani left, things became weird. Everyone kept staring at me. "Girls. I need the boys for a sec!" Josh came bursting in. El, Liz and I walked to El and I's room.


     "Oh my gosh. You and Zayn are so....awkward!" Liz laughed. "Tell me about it. Today when I thanked him for packing my things he just like didn't was so weird!" I said smiling. "Do you still love him?" El asked laying on the bed next to me. "Of course I do!" I said punching her playfully. "I don't think he feels the same towards me though!" I admitted. "He does. He told me....the day he broke up with you. Perrie like brainwashed him...He felt terrible and said he would never get you ever!"  She said looking down. "El is that true?" I asked her. She looked up and nodded. "Oh..." I said... "Um, so what do we do when they are at concerts?" I asked her changing the subject. "Quit changing the subject!" Liz said sitting next to El. "Ugh!!" I whined.


Someone was banging on the door.

   "Come in!" I laughed. "Sutton Cowell." A tall man dressed in black walked in. The girls looked at me. "Ouuu!" The giggled. I shushed them. I walked with the man down the hall.

 "Whre are we going?" I asked him. "To the meeting room." He informed me. "Um...why me?" I asked him. "Your uncle wanted you." He said in a deep raspy voice. It kind of scared me. "What's your name?" I asked him. He smiled..."Alex." He said. "Hi Alex. Are you a body guard?" I asked him. "Yours." He stated. "MINE! I get my own!" I jumped up and down. "You will." He said and kept walking. "Wait!" I called to him.



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