Secrets, Lies & Love

Sutton is a normal girl...When her parents die, she goes to her only family she has, her uncle. I know what you're thinking her uncle. Can't be bad...It's Simon Cowell. I know, well she begs him for a party, and well, she gets it. His clients One Direction show up,. and one starts to fall for her. But when Mr.Cowell comes in the way they keep their love hidden, and secrets form, but as new lies and secrets form, something starts to break...


59. Hello everyone <3

Sutton's P.O.V

  I was so nervous, when we pulled up to the house, I felt like dying. "Ready?" Niall asked me, I laughed and shook my head. "Let's go!" He jumped from the car and I sighed, this is it huh?

    We walked up to the door, and before he pulled out his keys, I grabbed his hand. A smile grew on his face. "I-I am just scared that's all..." I said to him. He nodded. "Ah, didn't know." He winked, his blonde hair was perfect and in a quiff. His blonde eyes sparkling. I mean I love Niall, but I don't LOVE Niall, do you understand what I'm saying?

   He as almost ready to stick his key in when I jerked his shoulder back. "Whoa!" He smiled. I didn't hesitate. I didn't I pulled his body closer to mine, and stood on my tippy toes, and pressed my lips against his, this time he didn't pull back. He stayed. 

   His hands were slowly wrapping around my waist. My arms went around his neck and he kissed back so gently, and so softly. I didn't feel anything, but I wanted to thank Niall, to thank him for being my friend, when he didn't need to. For staying with me when he didn't need to. He is always pushed around by the boys, 'Niall do this, Niall do that!' They say. He is always the wing man and he is always there, but never gets a thank you. So this is mine..

   I pulled back. He was blushing. "What the hell was that?" He asked me. "It's my thank you, to you." I giggled quietly. "Well....You're welcome." He laughed. I laughed, and gripped his hand, intertwining our fingers. "Hey, just to be clear, we aren't into each other right?" I asked him. "Nah! Just friends." He smirked at me. 

   He slid the key into the lock and turned it, the sound it made, made me flinch. "Calm yourself!" He teased. He pushed the door open and walked in while I hid behind him. "Niall?" I heard Louis call, his voice is so angelic, and so sweet...I smiled at him, how he looked.."Yeah." Niall answered. "Oh, early?" Harry teased. "Yeah, no big deal! Where is everyone?" He asked walking down the hall. "In the living room." Zayn added. I felt shivers at his voice. 

   Niall an I got to the living room door, and we stopped. "Nialler?" Liam asked him. He didn't answer. He let go of my hand, and walked in, motioning me to stay there. I nodded. 

  "Hey, we're watching random things! Sit!" Dani said sadly, but happy. I was nervous, what was I going to say? What if he leaves me in the hall?   "Guys?" Niall asked. "Yeah mate?" Harry asked him. This was it, I was going to see everyone...I was shaking like a leaf!

  "Um, I accidentally left something in the hall, I think my phone fell." He said, I wanted to laugh. Typical Niall..."Ok?" Liam asked as if he didn't care. I felt him walk towards me. 

  He walked to the hall. "Ready?" Niall asked me. I nodded. "Is Zayn in there?" I asked him. "Yeah..." He looked down. "I can do this! I don't care if he's in there...I am so ready!" I smiled, but I knew it wouldn't last. 

       Harry's P.O.V

    I was sitting on the couch, watching the Telly flick from channel to channel. "Guys?" Niall asked, I didn't look over, but I was listening. "Yeah mate?" I asked him. "Um, I accidentally left something in the hall, I think my phone fell." He said getting up. "Ok?" Liam asked. Typical Niall. 

      About 2 minutes later I heard Niall walk in. "Ah hem!" Niall gagged. 

  Everyone's head snapped towards him. 

A small girl with long auburn hair, was standing next to Niall. She had a short flowy summer dress, that was white on the bottom and black right above the waist, with some TOMS, and she looked absolutely amazing. Her eyes, were shining and her smile was sincere. It was Sutton, I could tell by her arm scars, she had from the hospital. They haven't faded, but they weren't standing out. She had cute bracelets on and she was looking at everyone. Everyone was in awe. "S-Sutton?" Louis asked relieved. "Hi Louis!" She said in her sweet innocent angelic voice. I couldn't stop looking at her. SUTTON!" Dani cried and ran towards her, they hugged and giggled. "I missed you so much!!!!!" Danielle sobbed into her shoulder. "I missed you too no doubt!" Sutton giggled, and looked at Liam. "Leyyuummm!" She questioned. "Sutton!" Liam said almost in tears, he gave her a huge bear hug and she laughed, her genuine laugh. He picked her up and set her back down. "Gotton lighter? You need to work out!" He teased her, she hit him playfully. "Wanna go Cowell?" Liam teased with her. She laughed and her cheeks got red, Danielle and Liam sat down. 

   Louis jumped up almost tackling her. She laughed. "LOUIS!" She screamed. "I hated not having you here!!! Ugh it was agony!" Louis cried into her, she laughed squeezing his tightly. "Did Niall give you the ol' poke?" He whispered to her, but it was loud so everyone heard. She gasped. "Lou! No! He's my best friend! Never! We are only friends! Nothing more! Gosh!!!" She felt so embarrassed. "We'll talk later!" He poked her sides, making her squeal. Niall sat down, and I stood up smiling like a idiot. "Styles!" Sutton said preppy like! "Cowell." I answered her, we couldn't keep a straight face, so I grabbed her waist and hugged her so tight. I picked her up, grabbing her bum and wrapping her legs around me, she laughed, as I spun her around. She buried her face into my chest, and I kissed her head. I stopped spinning, and I still held her. "Haz is gonna give it to ya!?" Louis chimed in, she laughed, and shook her head. "I can!" I joked, she just laughed. "I have missed you so much! I mean, very, very, super much!" She whispered to me. "I have also missed you love!" I said to her, I wanted to cry but I held it in. She looked up and poked me in the dimples. "I love you Sutton!" I said quietly, even though I knew everyone was watching including Zayn. "I love you too lover boy!" She kissed my cheek, and I wanted to kiss her but not in front of everyone...

     She hopped down and stood up. She looked at Zayn, then went to Louis, as if Zayn wasn't even here, we all felt the tension. "Where's El?" She asked him desperately.  "Trying to sleep, she isn't though." He said smiling, then like that, Sutton was off to El's room....

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