Secrets, Lies & Love

Sutton is a normal girl...When her parents die, she goes to her only family she has, her uncle. I know what you're thinking her uncle. Can't be bad...It's Simon Cowell. I know, well she begs him for a party, and well, she gets it. His clients One Direction show up,. and one starts to fall for her. But when Mr.Cowell comes in the way they keep their love hidden, and secrets form, but as new lies and secrets form, something starts to break...


34. Going out...

Sutton's P.O.V

   After our meeting, I asked Zayn to hang out. Why did I do that? Am I stupid?

  I walked to the hall and waited for Zayn. "Hey, can't wait to hear that voice!" Harry said smiling. "Yeah right. I hope ticket sales go way up!" I sassed. "You're great either way." He smiled showing his dimples.
"Hey, um...wanna go out today?" He asked me. I stood against the wall. "Actually I was going to walk town with Zayn for a bit..I have some stuff I need to tell him.." I rolled my eyes. "Whenever. We can go tonight..after you little walk.." He shrugged his shoulders. I smiled. "That'd be very nice!" I said, he licked his lips. "See you soon Sutton." I nodded back to him. He blushed, then walked away..

      Zayn came out in that 'SMART' shirt he has. I rolled my eyes. "What?" He asked laughing. "That shirt" I smiled att him. "Ready?" He asked me. "I guess." I said, then we walked towards the lobby.

   "Sutton!" I hears someone yell. I froze. It wasn't a voice I have ever heard in my life. I turned and it was Alex. Oh my gosh..."Yes?" I asked. "Where are you going?" He asked me. I looked him up and down. "Out.." I laughed. "You have to tell me so I know you aren't kidnapped." He said. "Yes...because someone wants me.." I teased. "Alright sassy!" He said then poked me. "Ouu, poke!" I joked. He rolled his eyes. "Go have fun...wear protection!" He shouted. "Oh my gosh!" I said, then walked out the front door with Zayn. Girls were lined against the building. "There are so many fans!" I laughed. "Yesh.." Zayn smiled. "ZAYN WHY'D YOU BREAK UP WITH SUTTON!?" "ARE YOU TWO BACK TOGETHER?" "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?"  People were throwing questions at us. "We aren't back together!" I said. "Yet!" Zayn chimed in. I rolled my eyes. "We are going on a walk!" I smiled. Zayn walked close to me. "She's mine!" He hugged me. Our eyes met, and his hands held my waist, my heart was pounding. I was so nervous....We just stood there for a minute..

  "KISSSSSSSSS" Everyone begged. "Well, that's what they want!" He smiled. "Is it?" I asked Zayn softly. "It's what I want." He whispered. I looked into his hazel eyes, that were filled with mystery, and

    "We should get going.." I said, then pulled away from his grip..I started to walk down the street. He stood there for a sec, then followed. "Hey Sutton. You're my idol! Can I have a pic!?" A girl screamed. I nodded and walked over to her.

    I took a pic with her. "You are so pretty!" She smiled. "So are you!" I smiled back to her. "Why didn't you kiss Zayn?" She asked me in a puppy dog face. I hesitated for a second. "You do love him don't you?" She asked me. I glanced at Zayn who was making fans laugh. "Yeah...I love him so much!" I whispered. A tear rolled down my cheek and she wiped it away. "Then what are you waiting for?" She asked me..I smiled, and did a small laugh. "Because...he doesn't love me.." I said, my heart breaking with every word I said. "Ready?" Zayn walked over to me, and slid his hand against my sides..  I closed my eyes, because that touch killed me..

    "Yes!" I said, then said bye to the fan...Zayn and I walked down the street.

    We were walking for a good 10 minutes. We would just have small talk...It was so weird not being in a relationship. Our hands would touch as we walked and we both wanted to hold hands and hug and kiss but we can't.  We could see it in each others eyes..I wanted him back so bad... "So babe, what do you wanna do?" He asked me. "Um..doesn't matter!" I smiled. "You're help!" He joked. "There's a scary movie festival!" I said pointing at a sign... "That's tonight...keep it in mind.." He smiled at me. I sighed. For tonight?

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