Secrets, Lies & Love

Sutton is a normal girl...When her parents die, she goes to her only family she has, her uncle. I know what you're thinking her uncle. Can't be bad...It's Simon Cowell. I know, well she begs him for a party, and well, she gets it. His clients One Direction show up,. and one starts to fall for her. But when Mr.Cowell comes in the way they keep their love hidden, and secrets form, but as new lies and secrets form, something starts to break...


1. First Day?

  Sutton's P.O.V


"Ok, here's your room duck!" He said smiling at me, his black hair, was still the same, and he still only seemed to have either black or white shirts. He always looked the same. "Thanks, I'll unpack and meet you downstairs." I nodded my head, and he walked away. Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Sutton... My parents were killed by 2 men. I was asleep when I heard gun shots go off downstairs. I heard screams. "Sutton!" My mom called me. I looked from the top of the steps and saw her. Her face was smeared in blood and stress. "Mom? What's wrong?" I asked her. "I love you honey!" She squeezed me tightly. Her warm body was crushing mine. "Mom. Where's dad?" I questioned her. Then there was a loud bang, and these 2 men, grabbed my mom, covering her mouth, and they abused her, in front of me....(I was only 9) I watched my mom get abused...The men didn't care about me, they knew I was there, but didn't care. I sat on our steps watching her, then....

After hours of seeing my mom get abused I walked all the way downstairs. I never found my dad. Did they take him? My mom was dead and I knew it. I just ran to my room and hid. I was scared. I didn't know what to do...The next day paramedics were at my house, police, FBI, you name it...They found me, and said I was safe, when I was at the police station, telling them what had happened, my Uncle came. Some people think my uncle is mean, or not nice, but I love him. "Sutton! Are you alright?" He asked rushing towards me. I hugged him, and his grip was so tight I felt like I couldn't breathe. "I'm fine!" I cried into his black shirt.

After all this, they moved me with my uncle. He was my only family left. He called me duck. Sure, he was busy with work, but I had other people to entertain me, like the house keepers, or some nanny's.

I just told you the day he showed me my room...

It's been 10 years since my parents passed, and I am still living with my uncle. He is so cool, he always finds time for me. He is like my dad. "Sutton! I am home!" He shouted upstairs. I logged off Twitter, and ran downstairs. "How are you!?" He asked setting his papers on the counter. He works in Music, so he is always asking for my advice. Who should he pick, and what now. I mean he is pretty good himself, but he always needs me. "So, Uncle Simon? How was work?" I asked as he walked over to me. Yes, Simon Cowell is my uncle.. "Good, I was pretty sore!" He smiled at me. Last night we played the wii, and Kinect for hours. "Well, I was wondering....Liz and I want to have a party. Can we have one here?" I asked him with a puppy dog face. He looked away. "No!" He said walking to the fridge. "Please!" I begged him. "Sutton, don't try me." He again said. "Ugh, I guess I'll be a lonely teen, looking for friends, but can't find any...SIGH" I laughed. "Fine, a small arty. But, no boys!" He wagged his finger in my face. "Awe please Simon! Pwease." I shouted. "Who?" He asked me. "Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam.." I smiled at him. "No! Defiantly not!" He snapped. I loved One Direction, but Simon wouldn't let me see them. "Please, I'll invite everyone else!!" I begged him. "Ok, fine. I will call them!" He pulled out his phone and held it up to his ear. "No, they can't!" He said. "You didn't even call then!" I gave him my look. "Fine. Go ahead, start inviting people." He shoed me away! I was so excited!



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