Secrets, Lies & Love

Sutton is a normal girl...When her parents die, she goes to her only family she has, her uncle. I know what you're thinking her uncle. Can't be bad...It's Simon Cowell. I know, well she begs him for a party, and well, she gets it. His clients One Direction show up,. and one starts to fall for her. But when Mr.Cowell comes in the way they keep their love hidden, and secrets form, but as new lies and secrets form, something starts to break...


56. Don't leave..

Zayn's P.O.V

  "Sutton.." I whispered. She pulled herself from Niall's hug and looked at me. Our eyes met and sorrow and hurt fled from her blue eyes.

    "Hi." I looked up at her. It's like she was in awe, she didn't speak. She sat next to me, and studied me.

 After minutes of us looking over each other, she slowly raised her hand. She softly placed her plam against my cheek. Her hand was shaking and she was cold. A smile crept on her face.

   "Oh my" she mumbled. "Sutton?" I asked her. "I can't believe it's really you." She said with tears forming. Her hand went down my neck and slowly down my torso, and stopped. She placed her hand over her mouth and looked at Niall. "You guys are really here?" She asked hium. "YES!" Niall said, I looked at Sutton, she looked smaller, her hair was so much longer. Her cheeks were rosey red and her nails were painted the cutest color pink. "Um, I have to get to work." She said as if she didn't want to stay. "Good, I need to check out." I chuckled. She glared at me. She walked to the cashier.

   She typed on the computer. I walked up and pulled out my wallet. I laughed and pulled a charm bracelet off the rack. I grabbed some charms that made up Sutton.

  I walked back to the counter. "Is this for your girlfriend sir?" She asked me as we checked out. 
"Um, sort of. I wish she was. It's for a girl I'm madly in love with." I smiled at her. My heart was racing. "Look Zayn, how did you find me?" She hissed quietly at me. "Sorry Ms, is that anyway to speak to your customer?" I asked loudly for the manager to hear.

 "Sutton is everything ok?" He asked walking over. "Fine, you know you have an excellent worker. She helped me pick things out for my girl, and clothes. Wow, she deserves a raise." I winked at her slightly. She glared at me. "Don't listen to him." She said to him. "Why?" He asked her. "He's my ex. He found me, like a stalker!" She said barking like a dog. "You know, maybe if you texted any of us back, I wouldn't need to find you!" I cried. Then her manager walked away. "I didn't change my number, I just duidn't want to talk to you guys. It would hurt me." She said scanning the last item. "Ms? Don't bag those charms." I said to her, as she took them out of the bag. "I don't want you buy me things." She told me.

  "Who said they were for you?" I asked her. "I met this gorgeous girl on tour. They're for her." I lied to her. "W-what?" She asked me, I smiled. "You know, you were right. I did find someone at my concerts. She's great!" I lied to her again..Her face went blank. "What's her name?" She asked me. I thought about it. "Ally." I smiled. "Oh, well I met someone too!" She giggled and blushed. I knew she wasn't lying. I got made, tensing my jaw. "WHO?" I snapped. "His name's Sean!" She blushed a bit. "You know, Sean and I should meet." I said to her. Who ever this SEAN guy is I wanna fucking talk some sense into him. Sutton's mine! "You know, we should go on a double date!" She suggested. I think she knew I was lying. "Um...Ally uh, sure." I said being caught in my lie. "Tonight the Ivy." She smiled at me. "Your total is 64.22" she smiled slyly. "You know, I could have a discount." I winked. "Yeah, because you can't say for that." She rolled her eyes. "So what! You think I'm made of money huh?" I laughed, actually connecting with her again. She laughed. "Yeah I do. You poppin' tags only got 2 million dollars in yo' pocket!" She sang. We both laughed as we did I felt her tense as if she didn't want this. I knew she was nervous..."Um no actually I have 64.22 in my pocket!" I laughed. "Pay up hun!!" She giggled. I paid and as I grabbed my card she smiled.

    "ZAYN!" She cried. "Yes?" I asked her. She pointed at my wallet. I looked at it. "It's where I hold my 2 mil.!" I joked. "No, that pic." She said a bit seriously. I opened it up wider. It was oh, her and I. I was holding her, and we were in the snow, she had on my jacket and I was freezing. We were practially cuddling. She looked at it in atonishment. She grabbed my wallet. She opened up the area where you could hold pics, mine could hold six mini's. I had one of me and my sisters, and one of me and my mum and dad. Then the other 4 were of her and I. "I-I" she stuttered. "Why didn't you get rid of these?" She asked staring at the pics. "I couldn't..." I admitted. "But..I mean I broke your heart." She said. "What about Ally?" She asked me. "She's not real. I said it to make you jealous. I did it and didn't think you actually met someone." I rolled my eyes. "He's nothing. The only reason I like him, is beacuse he looks like you." She said getting teary eyed. "Sutton, so about that date?" I asked her. She looked up and tears streamed down her red cheeks. "I am sorry Zayn. I've been hurt. I hurt you. I thought talking to you while you were here would be good for's not." She didn't finish. She closed her eyes, then carried on. "I think you should go." She whispered. "Sutton, listen, just call or text me." I said to her. "Good bye Zayn. Please don't ever come back here." She begged me. "Sutton! Look, I needed to see you!" I said almost begging her, she dropped my wallet. "Take these pics out. Stop thinking of me. You don't love me. Stop!" She begged me. "Yes I do!" I grabbed her forearm. "Stop! Find someone who will treat you right." She said so hurt. "You do!" I cried. "I fucking ignored you, I wanted to say YES but I couldn't talk." She admitted. My mouth dropped. "I had no idea." I said in amazement."Look, I've ruined your life enough. Go!" She screamed. "Sutton, I can't live without you!" I said to her. "Yes you can! Go! You should have never been here! GO!" She yelled. 

   "You need to leave!" Sara said to me, hugging Sutton. I grabbed my things and the charms.

  I stormed out of the store, I hurt her..

Niall followed me to the car. "FUCK!" I said as we got to the car. I slammed my things down, sitting against the car. "What?" Niall asked me. "I fucking hurt her! I hurt her by coming here!" I said to him. "No you didn't..She misses you..give her some time." He said to me. "She doesn't want anything to do with me!" I said pulling my wallet out. I ripped the pics of her an I out and threw them on the ground. I took the charms and threw them on the ground too. "Let's go!" I said getting in his car.

Sutton's P.O.V

  After I stopped crying, I grabbed Zayn's reciept. "He forgot this." I said to Sara. "Go give it to him." She said to me. I sighed, ok. "Go tell him how you feel. He does love you." She said. I knew she was right.

   I walked outside scared to see him, but I had to tell him things. He was no where in sight. Niall wasn't here, no one's car was here. I saw some things in a parking spot.

  I walked over to it and saw it was some things.

 I bent down. It was Zayn an I's pics from his wallet. Then next to it, was my charms he got me...I hurt him so bad...I picked the pictures up and the charms. I placed them in my pocket. I sat there in the parking lot crying...


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