Over Again - Sequel to Why Me?

The next thing was all a blur. An ugly face coming out of the darkness, a swinging bat and the shot of a gun...
Everything went black....

Those were the last words of the last chapter of Why Me? Please read xoxo


26. What were you doing outside the Toilet?

Zayn's POV

I couldn't help feeling slightly jealous when Chloe remembered Louis nickname but I told myself to carry on. I couldn't just get all mad and jealous over something small when everything was going so well.

I was talking to Harry about our recording tomorrow and something lit inside me. I quickly turned back to Chloe, I had nearly forgotten that our hands were firmly together, neither of us wanting to move them.

"Hey Chlo," I whispered, stealing her away from her conversation with Niall. "Yep," she said flashing me a gorgeous smile. "Are you doing anything tomorrow?" I asked nervously. She shook her head, motioning me to go on.

"Well, I was wondering if you wanted to come to the recording studio with us? I thought you might like to hear our music. I mean because er, you can't remember it and stuff, I thought it might, erm, maybe bring back something?" I asked, scratching the back of my neck.

Her eyes lit with delight and she nodded eagerly," I would love to come if it gave me a chance of remembering you. I wouldn't miss it for the world." I felt my whole face light up into an enormous grin and my lips were urging me to land themselves on hers but I knew I couldn't.

We stayed there staring at each other before someone cleared their throats and we were brought back to reality. Chloe blushed very hard and I glared at Louis who was smirking with delight.

"Come on, let's eat," said Harry obviously quite bored. "God, you sound like Niall," joked Liam. I could tell he was nervous that Chloe was here, the last time they had properly spoken he hurt her badly and now she was back in the house, hardly taking a look at Liam.

I wasn't sure if he still liked Chloe. He had been dating Dani and they were very happy but the way he had looked at her at Starbucks, I couldn't tell if it was that he hadn't seen her in ages or that he still had some sort of feelings for her.

"Hey, you ok?" asked Chloe. I gave her a quick smile and nodded," yeah, er, sorry. Was just thinking." She nodded and went back to her food, slowly slipping her hand out of mine.

I could feel my skin miss her touch and the warmth of her delicate hands vanish almost instantly. I regained my composure and took some food, trying to get my mind off Liam and all that.

Chloe's POV

I excused myself from the table and quickly went to the toilet which was nearly impossible in this never-ending flat. The flat was massive and I very nearly got lost.

I washed my hands and had a quick check in the mirror. I didn't look bad but I didn't look as I nice as I wanted to. I was wearing some skinny high waisted jeans with a pinkish baggy top tucked into it.

I sighed and dried my hands before turning the handle and and opening the door. I immediately rammed into a very strong figure and had to stop myself from shouting in surprise.

"God, sorry Chloe. I, um, I mean, uh. It's Liam," Liam said nervously. I chuckled nervously, running my hand through my hair. "It's fine Liam, erm, what were you doing outside the toilet?" I asked awkwardly.

"Well, I, erm, I was wondering if I could talk to you?" he asked. I took a deep breath and nodded," yeah sure." He pointed to a door and I followed him inside. As soon as I shut the the door a very awkward silence grew quickly.

"Look, I just needed to speak to you because... We left on bad terms and we need to sort things out," Liam said running his hand through his hair. I nodded and sat down on the bed, not sure if I could handle standing up with what we were about to go through.

"So," I said. He took a deep breath," what did you feel when we kissed?" I was shocked at how blunt he said it but regained my thoughts and thought about it. To be honest, I could hardly remember the kiss. At least what it felt like it, I could remember everything before and after very clearly.

"Chloe?" he asked again. "I, um, to be honest Liam. I can't remember it very well, I mean the actual kiss. I remember everything which happened after and before but just, er, not what the kiss felt like," I said honestly.

He sighed and I couldn't tell whether it was a relieved sigh or a sad sigh. "I'm glad you said that Chloe because I couldn't remember it either and I think this is good for us," he said. I looked at him in confusion and he carried on.

"This means that neither of us have feelings for each other apart from mutual ones and I think this is good for both of us. I really love Danielle and I can tell whether you know or not, that you really like Zayn. He loves you, whether or not you know that but he really does and I can tell you love him too, you just don't know it yet."

"So, now we can go back to friends. I mean, if that's what you, uh, want?" He explained. I nodded and stood up to hug him. We stayed in the position for a long time but it wasn't like when I hugged Zayn, it was more mutual like he said.

"That's what I want," I said as we pulled away from each other. He gave me a smile," then we should get back because the others will be getting suspicious." I nodded and followed him through the door, trying to ignore all the thoughts buzzing around my brain.

What he had said, I had agreed with. Well, most of it. He said that Zayn loves me and even though Zayn had said it a few days before, I wasn't sure if it was mutual or not. I knew I had feelings for Zayn, I didn't know if they were big yet or not but what I was more scared of is what would happen if I fell for Zayn hard. What would be the consequences.

I shook my head and stepped into the dining room where Liam was already sat down, talking to Niall. I sat back next to Zayn and Zayn looked at me with a questioning look. "I was just sorting things out with Liam," I reassured him.

He nodded and took my hand again, gently stroking it and making me relax. "So, what happened?" he asked. "We're friends. Just friends," I said smiling.


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